Delegating to @cccf and why

in Creative Coin2 years ago (edited)

I was not sure about delegating my CCC, but after thinking about it, it was an obvious choice.

I am not an avid user in the Creative Coin community, I am not a big holder either, having less than $1 in it. But I thought it was worth it to delegate because:

  • They have an around 20% APR, although for less than $1 it is not meaningful
  • They are active and if anyone can manage and curate the Creative Coin community, it is them

 2021-08-06 at 16.07.32.jpg

So, after a suggetion from @cliffagreen to delegate, and a quick search, I thought it was worth it.

I am not a big holder and will definitely make money off of it, but I hope that by delegating I can help make the Creative Coin community better, and by proxy, Hive better too.

I am not investing in it (that is, I am not buying for now), but it is good to know they have a buyback program:

"We've raised our buy-in price for Creative Coin by 2% to .00589166 Hive. Next Thursday: .00600949"

So, they have a program to slowly increase demand for the token. It is a good idea. Hope it works!


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