Destiny and its paths.

in Freewriters5 months ago

Many times we do not understand the why of things, and we try to place ourselves to process the information, but nevertheless we fail to understand.

Maybe it is simply because part of the bad things that happen to us is our own fault. Likewise...! our fault because we put up with things that we should not put up with.

We put up with things that we should not put up with, maybe because of ignorance, or maybe because we want to, because of ignorance when we do not know what we are worth and we put up with anything. Because we want to is when we do not want to accept that there are other options to improve and feel good about ourselves.

This my friends applies to all areas of our lives.

Let's open our eyes so that we can accept the ways of life.




Yes we should always accept live the way we see it destiny indeed has its own path to play in all🙏