Curator Cat's Creative Coin Curation Account is Now Active

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After some months of experimentation, it seems like SCOT tribes are not only here to stay, they are also a way to re-energize what has felt like a somewhat "tired" Steemit community.

The CreativeCoin tribe is one of my favorites so far, and it is also the one my main @curatorcat account holds the most stake in.

An interesting dilemma arises, though:

When you have only a small amount of Steem, but a large amount of a SCOT tribe token, you end up giving out a lot of "dust sized" votes in Steem while giving out nice curation votes with the tribal token.

"Curator Cat"

As such, I have decided (as some other people have done) to have a separate "curation account" just for #creativecoin.

This account is not going to post original content (this post being the exception!), it will just be curating quality creative content @curatorcat would otherwise have voted on.

Meanwhile, thanks to all @curatorcat followers!


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Good luck with curating. Good to read you see the benefits of Creativecoin too.

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