It all started with a Steem and Tron are married

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I remember when Ned first tweeted at Justin. Every Sun needs a Moon, as they say, and the bald Ned meme must have won his heart.


So now here we are, engaged and about to tie the knot, with a token swap. Everything seems to be moving so quickly, a shotgun wedding if there ever was one.

Justin is as happy as could be, and why shouldn’t he be. Apparently he sees what most have failed to see, the subtle sexiness of the steem blockchain. But does he see what’s inside. Does he realize we are more than just a sexy body, that the community that hides behind our sexy exterior is what will fulfill him in his old age? Does he realize that without it, we are just another shitcoin with a killer bod?

Ned is celebrating too, but the look on his face reveals his true thoughts. Does Justin know that it was never really about him in the first place and that any crypto influencer would have sufficed? Ned was just looking to get a ring on his finger and live out his days in Justin’s second house on an island somewhere while sleeping around with the locals.

This was never really about romance, or money. Ned just wanted to get back at his ex, who had run off to burning man and came back a member of the cult of radical transparency. He wanted to show all those friendships that had soured that living well is the best revenged.

How will he react when he realizes that DLive who stabbed him in the back is actually going to be Justin’s best man? For sure he will put on a smile at the wedding, but we know how he really feels.

So a toast to Tron and Steem. May the children of Ned receive a hefty allowance from our new step-dad, big Papa Justin from now until the end of time!

Be good to your new family Justin, they know where the forks are, but if you show them the love and respect they deserve, it will take some time but we may eventually start calling you Dad.



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I'd love to call him Dad. Ned was more like the uncle you hoped you wouldn't come to the family do because you didn't want to be uncomfortably embarrassed when he broke out his guitar and pretended like he loved you all though he'd been AWOL all year.

He did such a terrible job at pretending he loved us too. I tried so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I just broke during that livestream....he was so obviously trying to waste our time, he is so damn patronizing and I don't think he even realizes it.

That...would be a fantastic blockchain soapie episode XD

someone needs to make it :-D

funny. I was talking to someone the other day about this and while the price of steem increasing is certainly good and Tron certainly brings a certain level of visibility to Steemit that it may not have gotten otherwise I'm still curious as to what this actually means to those of us that are here now?

I suspect it will mean very little for the next year. I think things will go on as they would have. Long term is another story, and may depend on us. I want us to reach out to Justin and find a way to align our interests.

Love this haha

to justin and ned!

Thanks! I was really proud of it, especially since I don't do much comedy :-D

How will he react when he realizes that DLive who stabbed him in the back is actually going to be Justin’s best man? For sure he will put on a smile at the wedding, but we know how he really feels


Love this, what a wonderful way to interpret this union and also help us all deal with the transition, so well written and had me laughing away xx
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