More HIVE updates

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Things are buzzing along on HIVE and we're no different. So, a few things have happened since I last made a proper post

  1. CreativeCoin is now being indexed on HIVE but still being rewarded through the Steem-engine front-end. It will probably run this way for a few more weeks as we wait for Hive-Engine to be fully functional.
  2. I have secured the CCC token on Hive-engine as of a few minutes ago. Nothing has been issued, but some changes have been made.
    • I have dropped the max supply of tokens to 1,000,000,000 from 900,000,000,000.
    • Payouts have been halved a second time on SE. This will lower the payouts that you have been receiving by 50%
    • We are still looking to see how to distribute this to existing Steem-engine CCC holders once we go live. Honestly, right now the options are incredibly limited on what we can do. I hope to have answers in the coming days.

So remember, all CCC payouts right now are only happening if you use the front-end, PeakD, or using the creativecoin hashtag. It is NOT paying out if you are using any steem front-end. Rewards ARE still using the STEEM blockchain until we can fully migrate.

Thank you for your understanding during these stressful times. Hope you are all safe,

Shane (@blameshane)


Thanks for all the time and effort :)

Gracias por las actualizaciones @creativecoin, estaremos atentos a nueva información, amigos.

What's the plan, to just copy over the same amount of tokens people hold to hive ccc