It's Too Late Now, but ...

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if I would have followed my heart and could have done it all over again, I would now be working for Airport Security and have become ...








Body Scan At Airport.jpg


And woohoo, what a lovely colleagues


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I think I'm going to the wrong airports... :OD

Damn...I think I am too...

Quick, ask him for a list!

Gothenburg, Amsterdam and Lyon in summertime sofar have almost always been pretty "nice" to me.

I always choose the wrong line where I am randomly chosen for explosive swabbing... This post gives me tips on what I should wear to at least get a bit of hands on service.

We should all start shipping at skimpies R us!

"We skimp on fabric, not on price!"


Lol. Or not the right time of the year maybe.
My experience is that on a hot summerday there are plenty of strolling delicacies like the aboves.

That's the problem in Scotland, getting a hot summer's day!

I was at security in LA and there was girl who was probably a model. She was wearing tight leggings, a tight yoga jacket and big sunglasses. They wanted her to take off her jacket. She only had a bra on underneath. They kept her for a long time out in front of everyone with her boobs hanging out and leggings. They waved the rest of us through and searched nobody. It was pretty bad. I saw her after and she said she gets that everytime she goes through security lol. such perverts. Have a !BEER on me

Perverts maybe. But who says she's not doing this on purpose?
Dammit, I knew I chose the wrong profession, lol.

her boyfriend probably passed by with some kilos 😂. Who's smarter ? the bimbo or the security ?

You could be right about that indeed.

I was wondering who would wear that on a plane lol. But it an age of #metoo (especially in Los Angeles) it seemed really unessessary. They had her there for a long time and most have let 30 people just walk through while they scoured over every inch of her lol

Have a smashing weekend!

A bit late replying, but you too mate. Latex.

Thanks Amigo!


why most girls look like centaurs?:)

Now that you mention it, indeed a bit particular forms they have.

Haha mostly what I saw were boobs and boobs and well it's going to be distracted to be working at such a places man, it can be lethal

Leathal maybe, but nevertheless a feast for the eye ...

For some people even that feast might be fatal already ...

Lol that airport here I come, hahaha a generous feast for the eye 🤣🤣🤣

You mean there are no Airport security job openings... :-)



Please search me miss!🤤

Yeah and 'I even help you by saying where not to'

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Sure will.

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