Winners Sun Thursday Contest Edition #18

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Here come the three winning entries

This time it was me to take over judgement role as @redtravels was not available to decide on the top 3 - it was a hard task to me as I loved all posts. So again, thanks to all submissions and congratulations to the winners. Please join me in congratulating the successful content creators.

As usual all winners will receive their HIVE prize from me soon and the votes by @theycallmedan today.

Drum roll!

Please take a look at the great photography skills of our winners and re-visit them frequently. Thanks also again to @dswigle as ongoing sponsor!

🥇Winner #1 @trangbaby (To receive 3 Hive plus an upvote by the biggest Hive Stakeholder)

🥈Winner #2 @bluemoon (To receive 2 Hive plus an upvote by the biggest Hive Stakeholder)

🥉Winner #3 @kohsamui99 (To receive 1 Hive plus an upvote by the biggest Hive Stakeholder)

Below the rules for the upcoming contests - edition 19 to start March 11!

What to win

This is a fun contest where I still am searching for sponsors - for now the following rewards will be paid to the three winners:

1. Prize: 3 Hive
2. Prize: 2 Hive
3. Prize: 1 Hive

PLUS - all three will receive a little UPVOTE by @theycallmedan - thanks for supporting this!

Looking for community sponsors

Please comment or DM me if you want to support great photography content creators.

How can I win?

Please create a post using the tag #SunThursday showing your own original photography or video work covering the sun or write about positivity which I link to the sun which enabled and maintains the possibility of life in general. The three best submissions will receive their prize token after 7(or 14) days. The decision is made by myself for now - considering suggestions.

The rules

  • Post photography, video or written content covering the topic SUN
  • Use the tag #SunThursday as your first tag
  • Add link to your submission in the comments ideally
    v- Consider to "vote&reblog" this post to spread the contest (not mandatory but it might help)
  • Only original (your own) content will qualify

Oh 🤩 wow, thanks @uwelang For choosing my post..You make my day 😍 Many thanks to sponsors @theycallmedan & @dgwegle, very much appreciate it 🤗 Congrats @kohsamui99 @bluemoon 🌞🌝

Thank you @trangbaby have a great day 😇

Congratulations @trangbaby!

Thank you. Congrats!

Thank you @uwelang for choosing my photo and many thanks to the sponsors @theycallmedan & @dswigle, very much appreciated. Also congratulation to @trangbaby and @bluemoon nice entries by both of you 😇

Congratulations!! Well deserved!

Thank you @dswigle and thank you for supporting this great contest 😇

Thank you, @kohsamui99! I really like your photo and I think it's one of the most successful I've seen in this contest.

Thank you for your kind words @bluemoon 👍

My pleasure!

All the posts are great, it sure was a tough decision.

wow such an great entry congratulation to @trangbaby , @bluemoon and @kohsamui99 🙏😊

Thank you @bhattg much appreciate !!

Thank you very much!

Thanks again, thank you very much for the selection. Congratulations to the winners!
I can't help but say that I'm envious of @kohsamui99 and his wonderful photo.

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Congratulations to the winners: @trangbaby, @bluemoon and @kohsamui99.
They are all excellent photographs!

Thank you!