STEEM: A Cashcow In Disguise? (clickbait)

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To start off 2020 good, this morning I went for a ride on my bike. After about an hour I came along this bit of run-down farm, with a big sign near the driveway that said:

For Sale: Talking Rottweiler.

Being a doglover, but in fact more intriged by that word 'talking', I stopped, stepped off my bike, walked to the frontdoor and rang the doorbell.

Slowly the door was opened by an older man, a farmer. I tell him my name and say I'm interested in the dog. On which the man replies he's very busy and got some things to do first, but that I can find the dog in the backyard.

He leads me to the backdoor and, indeed, in the backyard there's a big Rottweiler lying in the grass enjoying the sunshine.

He gets up and friendly watches my presence.


I walk towards the dog. A bit doubtfully I ask him:

'Hi, can you talk?'
'Yep, I sure can'

Amazed and surprised the dog understands me and can really talk I ask:

'What's your name?'
'Nice name buddy, but tell me, what's your story?'
'Well, already at young age, I not only found out that I understood what my master was saying, but also that I was able to talk back'.
'Life on a farm felt rather boring to me, so I applied for a job at the CIA, who hired me instantly because of the possibilities it gave them to get information in a very easy way. After all, nobody expects being spied by a dog'.
'I flew from one country to another and have been in the same room with worldleaders, spies, you name it'.
'I was one of their most valuable spies in the 4 years I've worked for them. But al the travelling was killing me and not making me any younger'.
'So I decided to take it a bit easier, quit the job and went to work at a big airport as an Undercover Security Agent, tracking down and keeping an eye on suspects.'
Numberous drugtransactions and countless cases of smuggling have not been able to take place because of me. For some of them I even got a medal in the 3 years I worked for them.'
'Last year I received an honorable discharge and now I'm retired'

I was totally amazed and even overwhelmed by all this to be honest. I had so much more to ask the dog but needed to speak to the owner first now.
So I went back into the house to the farmer. He was in the living room and had just finished what he had to do and I said:

'That dog, STEEM, is incredible Sir, but how much do you actually want for him?'
'Well, what could I ask for a dog like that. Don't really know. Give me 10 dollars and we have a deal.'
'10 dollars??? For a talking dog? But he's amazing! Why ONLY 10 dollars if I may ask?'
'Amazing huh ..... Mister, since I got him as a puppy, all that that dog does is hanging out on the couch, in front of the television. He's full of shit and all he tells you is made up.
'And finally: he has never ever even been out of that backyard'.





Lol, so hilarious

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Happy New Yeah @smassh!

A talking dog with bs stories, sounds ideal for parties 👍🏽

Indeed, heard a short version last night.
Pimped it up a bit.
2020, year of the laugh (and hopefully crypto)?

You know what the price for whatever is for everybody different , happy twintigtwintig leuke smashhhy I wens je een lief jaar, met rottweiler 😉

Nee, toch maar niet een pratende hond.
Als we ooit ruzie krijgen vertelt ie al m'n meest intieme geheimen door.

I will totally buy that fucking amazing dog with all my savings and leave the change with the old man! !!!!!!!!!!

I think you could indeed make a fortune with a dog like that.

Thats what i thought :)

So a taking dog? That's by far really hilarious I love how you related it to Steem. But the dog is expensive lol

I got the dog AND (because the dog was the only one who knew how the remote control works) the television for 10 dollars. A bargain if you ask me. ;-)

Hahaha of course the dog worths it, I was actually talking of the state of my pocket in related to the story. Hahaha epic

I get it.
Actually it was fun reading the story.
Keep on postin'

Thanks, I'll do my best

You better! :-)

Hahaha, great plot twist Amigo! 😁👌

Typical name for a dog, deeper layers in your beautiful story.

Resteemed it with pleasure!

Have a great new year!


Thanks mate, think you're one of the few who also noticed the deeper layers.
But that's kind of a "risk" when the majority of my posts is (meant to be) funny; people almost forget you have a serious side as well.
Great 2020 to you and family too.

Thanks buddy!

Glad we met in real life man. There's more to you than just a good laugh. Which is also great. 😎👍

Have a great personal new year!



Am I the only one who does not see any fun but sees philosophy of human nature here?.

According to comments, it is so.. Have I digged too deep?

You're right. It's meant to be a fun post but there's indeed also a bit that philosophy of human nature involved.

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Ha ha, That's Steem for you ....all talk...

Happy new year 😀

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