I have to keep it short ...

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Nonetheless I first would like to apologize to @geekgirl and explain the reason for the "slow down" of



About a week ago the Torch was passed on to me by the unsurpassed (and good friend) @oaldamster.
The moment I received the attached 1034 Steem however, I was in a car halfway Germany and on my way to Austria to have a short ski-vacation.
But apparently I was staying in a place with very poor internet connection, because I wasn't even able to comment on posts, not to speak of upvoting or making transfers.

So, without further delay I will ad some Steem to the already above mentioned amount and pass the Torch on to


Steem on mate!

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Sounds cool. You got to do the right thing, trust you on that.

Don't worry. Steem is already transferred.

Wooo what a lighter =)

Indeed, but don't think it will burn till Tokyo ...

Why didn't you give the last kiss to it?


Ohhhh jij bent al geweest, ik ga volgende week!
Glad the steem torch is on the road again ,
Good luck to @mindtrap

Hoorde net dat het sneeuwt als een gek op dit moment dus dat komt goed voor jullie uit. Dalafdalingen waren bij ons (Brixen) niet top en sommige al niet meer mogelijk laatste 2 dagen.

Ik zag op de webcam dat het sneeuwde vandaag dus dat mag wel een paar dagen door blijven gaan, we gaan naar Lermoos bichelbach Niet heel hoog.

The Steem torch finally gets to you lol, hope you've wielded it like Spartacus?

Some things are well worth the wait Amigo! 😎👌

Better latex than nevex. 😁


Screenshot from the 'Black books' comedy series.

Better latex than nevex

Alleen begrepen door "ingewijden", hahaha.


Hurrah for the safe continuation of the torch!!

Skiing isn't having cheap vacations (oh boy those Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier were great) so I was tempted for a while. ;-)

You could have got a days worth of beers with the Torch funds! :D

I'm telling you; it were really tough days. Me being the only one liking Beer and 5 friends who only drank gooseberry tea and rose water. ;-)

Yeh right. And my father is Rambo ...

Are they doing a dry January off the alcohol or do they have no excuses whatsoever?!

Well to be honest: three of them never even heard of the word 'dry' and the other two went to the town hall today to get their middle name changed in 'Beer'.
Myself, I ... eeehh, never mind.

Honored bud.

I'll make good use of transfer those 1040 plus what I add tokens, to safe hands.

Have no doubts about that. Cheers.