WTF; Still sleeping or wide awake?

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It has been quite a busy week again.
Getting up every morning at 05.15 and being in my car around 05.45 to be ahead of the traffic, work my ass off, coming home late, shower, eat, relaxing a bit (while at the same time checking out Steem) and ... go to bed.

The '2-to-celebrate-the-start-of-the-weekend-beers' I drank last night gave me a real "boost" to have a good night's sleep and waking up at 10.30.
Ok, coffee and start-up computer. Lets find out what has happened on Steem.

Wait, quickly look at Marketcap first.
Holy shit, Steem! It was circling around number 80. Gone!!
Oh no, it hasn't collapsed now ... has it?

It got out of the top 100? Scrolling down. No.
Ok, scrolling back up ............ pfeeeew.
There it was ... nr. 69 (at that moment) and 0.193745 cts.

Was I still sleeping and just having a wet dream?
'Refresh page'!
Yep, there it was again. Looking goooooood!

Had to leave at noon to work a couple of hours more and afterwards buy some groceries. Just got home and saw that, despite of some fluctuations during the day, Steem currently is about the same as this morning. WOOHOOO!

Now, lets hope that this is not just another "nice" trick of some whale clowns to manipulate the price, in order to make us buy also.
And then find out waking up tomorrow ...


that it were those same pricks who dumped it all again, made a nice profit and brought it back to the price we got so damn "used" to.

Is this the umpteenth time we're being fooled?
Or can I finally start looking forward to that early retirement within a couple of years?





It sure is nice to be excited again, isn’t it? Even if it’s still not quite the price of two dimes—excitement is excitement danget!

I think the real question here is “they got you workin on a Saturday?!” I checked my calendar just now to verify it is, in fact, Saturday cuz it was just this morning I was told it’s June. “Dang, I thought it was November—since when has it been this cold in June?” 🤔 Must be that global cooling thing they keep taking about.

'still not quite the price of two dimes'
Here in Holland we have a saying: "A child's hand is easily filled". Meaning that after having waited for something for quite a while already, even just a little something can make us happy.

they got you workin on a Saturday?!
Today was for my brother; tiling his bathroom.

June already? Which year?
Think the cruisecontrol of my DeLorean is bugging again. 🤔

Fluff those pillows, you'll be sleeping til whenever the f you like soon enough!

Can hardly wait till that day mate.
Don't hate work, not at all. But it's about time I should (and would like to) take it a bit more easy.

Fingers crossed.

It is just crazy and surprises us everytime steem pumps, I hope that I can re-buy again $smasssh ;)

At least this pump is a bit higher than previous ones.
This one (lets not get too exited yet) looks promising.
Take care man.

Don't know where it will go to Amigo, but it sure does look serious this time. More than 10 million $ worth of Steem traded in 24 hours. Hopefully top 50 soon...

'Hopefully top 50 soon'...

If that's the case, above all it will be a real eyecatcher as well and probably attract a lot of new people.

True, after that it will probably move up even further.

Hi smasssh, fortunately I watched all the spikes...I'm trying not to be excited, but if this is it....then i might be visiting you in Netherlands for summer.... :D

You're welcome ofcourse man. But do bring a coat with you. Because although we've heatwaves for two years in a row, I still think summer's here are not as hot as where you live. 🤔

Lool I've got that covered

Always got ta stay optimistic when it comes to these little pumps. This one might always be the one!!

This one might always be the one!!

Have had that same feeling twice in my life.
The first time I got divorced and the second time I got euhhh ..... also. 🤔

You are one sunny D ahead of me!!

The day is still young ... hahaha.



Hard work and good rest.


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Glad to see steem rising. although the current price is still relatively low, but this price is better than before. hopefully steem continues to skyrocket. but today steem continues to fall. maybe many are selling it.