A new day, a new fight...!

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Do you have any idea how if feels like to share the house with the one person you make future plans with, and always, I mean always get that very same look when the conversation goes around crypto and more specifically about Steem?

Not only I haven't been able to persuade her to join the Steem family, but instead she always looks at me as if she saw an alien so to speak. I don't blame her actually...How could I? Everything she and I have achieved in life is the result of really hard work.

That's how we were raised I guess...must be the genes...

You know...the type of work were you feel exhausted it the end of the day just because you worked 5 or maybe 6 hours more than what you were supposed to. The type of work that even after all the effort you put into it so that you can live at least debt free, it eats you alive...it sucks all your energy and in the end you just forget how it feels to be...alive.

Yeah...that's how we were raised...

That's why she finds it hard to believe that an alternative form of investment and the possibility that one day we might, might, be able to live off of the chain is close to zero. I still don't blame her. There are cases that I am trying to convince myself too that this is doable. I guess she can feel that, that's why she asked my earlier today to show her what do I earn and if what I am doing for the past 22 months is worth the trouble...

If she knew that I spend money out of our own pockets to buy steem every now and then she would have chopped my head off..probably.

I was expecting a grumpy face when I showed her my Steem wallet (18K SP--->~ 2500$) but instead she was kinda surprised that there are almost 2.5K $ in there out of...nowhere...

Out of nowhere?

-That's not out of nowhere dammit. I've been building my account and my relationship with people all over the world to earn that amount. Not to mention the hours I've spent...

Tried to make her realize that this amount can change...BANG...just like that, and that she shouldn't focus on the number displayed in terms of USD, but instead that she should focus on the amount of STEEM

-So 2500$ / ~ 660 days= 3.8$ per day, right? Yeah...we can definitely live off of Steem!!! Gimme a break will you? Now, how about to take the dogs out for their walk?


The truth is that:

500 SP back in January 2018 = 3000$

18.000 SP now = 2500$

I still have faith in Steem. I am still considering to invest more. Is this the right price? Is that the right moment? Is it possible to reach ATH again? Is Steem a good investment?

I wish I could tell. But the truth is that only time will tell.

In the meanwhile...I'll keep doing my thing...


Whenever I have doubts I look at the sky...I don't expect an answer from above...I am just reminding to myself why I started this adventure in the first place. It's all I need...

Food for thought...

Have a great one people!




I take a fair amount of teasing, but also receive a lot of support about my Steem activity.

I underplay it. I never pitch it as if it is a means of anything besides a few digital dollars, it will be great at some point to say...

Hey, remember that Steem thing I was doing... Look here! :)

I loved this post. :)

Thank you!

Teasing is the only thing I get actually. 😂 That’s the plan actually. In a few years time to be able to say that too

Hey, remember that Steem thing I was doing... Look here! :)

Until then I’ll have to suffer I guess😂

'In the meanwhile...I'll keep doing my thing...'

You do that mate.
Now's the time to grow our accounts.
You also know that when price goes up ((and I strongly believe it will (maybe slowly but still) steadily)), more people will come back and new people will come in AND we'll get far less Steem for our posts and curating than right now.

I stumbled upon a comment the other day where someone was explaining to a person close to him that his amazing 10$ payout would worth more than 350$ back in January 2018. And I was like holy fuck...it's true Can you even imagine if those times are back? The place will be flooded with "hungry" people...

I know that now it's the best time to do so. And I have no doubt that each of us who is still active share the same mindset. We might be few and at times feels like just talking to each other, but I don't mind...

Your experience is no different than the rest of us. Many of us have the same reaction from those who are around us.

Alas, there is no way around their response other than to maintain the belief in what is unfolding here and keep progressing. Our job is to be the example for others to follow.

I sometimes wonder, how can I convince others to follow when I cannot even persuade the ones close to me?

I really do hope that time will be our ally and all those who have been left behind will regret big time...

You achieved a feat, I wish my wife had more interest, but she doesn't at this time. I share your sentiments about Steem, but it's an opportunity I can't pass up, meaning the risk of not investing is more risk than investing in Steem.

That! Nailed it right there

Sounds like you have invested a bit more than you feel comfortable with. Hope it pays off big ^_^

Nah...not even close...

I am on the brink of crossing 100K SP just like that, but I hesitate...One click away...

I hope it pays off too. Probably will wait to see how things will play out with SMT's and if Steem will keep being the mining token or turn into a utility token

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