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So I'm finally making an introductory post after so many weeks of procrastination. I've always preached against procrastination, I just don't know what stopped me from introducing myself ever since I joined this awesome platform. Guess I was lazy, or should I say I was busy?

Here I am now, finally making myself known. I'm not quite sure how to go about this, but I know a man has to do what a man has to do (if you understand what I mean).


Well, my name is Bright David, and I am a graduate of Economics. I've been a teacher by profession until recently when I opened a business where I render Computer services. I have always loved to teach, teaching as a profession is almost a fulfillment for me, but who doesn't want a better pay? So I resolve to being self-employed until I find a better pay teaching job. Being a teacher shaped me into seeing life in a different direction and I have since used this talent of mine in shaping the lives of so many persons around me and I believe I can also help in shaping the lives of many on this platform.

I got to know about this awesome platform with the help of my cheerful Chancellor @dreemsteem, and I was able to sign up through the help of @kei2. I'm not new to blogging or to the crypto space, but I'm still kind of new to Hive. I have learned a lot while exploring the platform. Not only that, but I have also made some valuable comments after reading some amazing articles on the platform.

My Purpose For Joining Hive
Apart from the monetary aspect, I believe am a good writer and I love to write and share my ideas with an audience, with the aim of impacting positively in their lives. I joined a platform where I shared my thoughts through writing some months ago. It was like a home for me. There was never a day I didn't publish a post on the platform and I prayed it continued but little did I know my joy of sharing my thoughts won't last forever on the platform.

The platform was shut down sooner than expected, and it kinda affected my writing flow but guess what? I am now fully back to hold my pen on paper and put down my thoughts. I believe Hive is the perfect place for me to do that, and I plan to grow my account, meet new people especially those in my niche and likewise, engage in different communities. I know there are tons of similar platforms like Hive, but with my research so far, I have come to realize that there is no similar platform that can be compared to Hive, and that's why I have decided to be a part of the great platform.

My specialty in writing would be poetry, creative writing, and motivational blogs. But I'm not limited to them, I could write anything so long I get the inspiration. I also plan to widen my knowledge on making my writing better as I mingle with great writers here on Hive. I hope I'm welcome to this community and to the Hive blockchain. It would be nice to get some help on available contests, little tips I should know and best ways to stay engaged with every other authors on the platform. Thanks for your anticipated words of sweet welcome.

Once again, I am Bright David, an economics, a motivational speaker, poet, content writer and a storyteller. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on this great platform and perhaps meet new friends. Thanks for having me here... Ciao

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hehehehee there he is!!!!!!!! :)

I'm so glad that you're finally here!!! You look so handsome in your photos too! I just want to grab you in a big hug hehehehe

I have to agree with you - there are lots of other platforms out there - but in my opinion, Hive is the place that has the most potential to grow into something special! So - I'm glad that you're here to stake your claim as part owner of this platform! heheeh because that's what we all are -owners, if we pour our heart, energy, and love into this place!

I know that you'll do so well because I know that kind of writer you are! You're not only talented - but diligent. When you put your mind to something, you take hold of it and dig deep!

I'm glad that @kei2 helped you here - hehe you need to help her find her way back here also - because she was another phenomenal writer!!! and her blog has gone quiet hehehehe

When you want to write - I would suggest that you go where you'll find some familiar faces! hehehe A lot of people that you know write in @theinkwell for those weekly prompts - and there are @shadowspub with her daily prompts and @mariannewest has her freewrite community too! All great things to inspire your imagination hehehe..

Then of course - the #sublimesunday and #wednesdaywalk days are wonderful because it allows you to express yourself freely by sharing your world with us in fun/inspirational/beautiful ways!

and then - there is something fun coming... hehehe

and since you're a tester of our project - you'll hear about it first. but I'll just say... keep on writing well, and you'll be sharpening your writing skills for something that's coming for our project hehehehe

so happy you're here! and so thrilled that you're ready to jump in with both feet hehehehehe

Love you!!!

Thanks so much for the compliment. I sure do need a hug from your right now. Am happy to be here and I will definitely pour my heart, energy and love in helping this great platform grow bigger and better.

I am really happy for your trust in me and I promise never to let you down. Thanks so much for the suggestions ma'am. I will definitely check out these persons you suggested.

I just can't wait for that 'something fun' that's coming.

Thanks so much for your love ma'am. I love you more

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Wow you are welcome to this community nice meeting you.

to be a teacher is a great work because it's not only about imparting knowledge but on many things like teaching the moral life, guidance, Care and love.

Teacher always take care the children and which best for there student, they monitor them.

And concerning your aim in join this platform, I believe many people will learnt a lot from your posts, because you are a teacher already and you are a writer.

I believe and I'm sure that having you here with us will be a great privilege to us and learn more from you. You are welcome

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Hahahaha, either lazy or busy, the important thing is that your here finally !!!😂😂

Errrrrrrrrr, well I'm glad that you're fully here, i only see your flash light once upon a time but now you're here to light up the candle. Don't allow it to quench!!. I believe in what you can do.

Can't wait to see you showcase your writing skills again, ma'am @dreemsteem as shown you some communities where you can participate in like contests , Free write and some blogging challenges.

Before I forgot what I have in mind, you're looking good in your pics 🤩🤩, meanwhile I will be taking my leave now 🚶🚶, keep on hiving

You are so right dear, all that matters is that am here now. I sure won't allow my light here to be quenched.

Am so grateful to @dreemsteem for the suggestions and I sure will work with those suggestions.

Thanks for your compliment... Am actually blushing ooo.... Thanks for your warm welcome. See you around.

Hmmm he finally made it here and I'm glad to welcome you to this great platform.

You sure did procrastinated but the fact that you're here covers it all and I know you will come up with great articles, can't wait to start reading them.

Nice pictures, keep engaging and meet awesome authors on your journey here on Hive. I will suggest you check for contests and start participating to help grow your account faster.

There is also a newbie initiative going on but you would have to wait for a new batch before you join. It is a nice initiative to guide newbies on their first days on Hive.

Once again, you're welcome.

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Yes oo... After months of procrastination, I made it here and am happy you believe in me to come up with great articles.

Thanks so much for your warm welcome and your support. I sure will check out for contests which I can start participating in because I really want to grow fast on this platform.

Guess I will have to wait for the next newbie initiative. I am so grateful

Welcome onboard Bright. Good you finally put off the procrastination and decided to join us here on hive. I believe you just found the best social on the internet where you get to new people, learn new things and earn ofcourse..

Adapting here shouldn't be difficult. Just do well to churn out those quality contents and interact with folks around here and you will be fine. Looking forward to reading more interesting contents from you.

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Thanks so much @jersteemit. I am so glad I finally decided to join this awesome platform. I know it won't be difficult to blend it. I just have to be acquainted with a lot of things since Hive is quite different from other platform I have been on.

I really appreciate your warm welcome. I know you are a quality content creator also and I will definitely be looking forward to reading your contents.