This (shit)Post Might Piss You Off ...,

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but I don't give a shit.

Special and extraordinary toilets are "Hot" these days.
And ... from now on, you too could 'release a hostage' or 'feed the shitehawks' in a more frivolous 'oval office'.

Our company, 'Shithappens Inc.' has made a no-Bullshit selection for you of our most popular and state-of-the-art bestselling models of 2019.

We have a huge collection, for all tastes, no shit.
And with pleasure we invite you to take a look.

First, this second-to-none 'I work my ass off' model for the multitasking workaholic business man (or die hard Steemian)
Wouldn't you like to 'cut a monkey tail' on this one?

Constipation problems? Gone for good!
'Chocolate time' always.
This one literally 'scares the shit out' of you.

Yep, like I said earlier; for all tastes ...
Our 'pain in the ass' model

Already late for work and no time to 'make a Banoogie'?
What about this hightech genuine Ho Chi Minh two-step
Ho Chi Minh twostep..jpg
Our 'I really need to take a dump NOW' model

And last (but certainly not least), what to think of this user-friendly, totally hands-free model
Toilet paper? Not needed! Your ass gets "wiped" like never before. Hoooooooooly shit!

So people, if you're full of shit, don't hesitate to give us a call. For more information and/or a catalogue.
Or, visit our showroom. Where you can cop a squat for free on your favorite 'Superbowl' over a fresh made cup of hot strong coffee.

Glad to have You!

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Lol, devil workshop. I won't mind to shit on them all.

Even on that 3rd one?

Whos idea what it to tow other peoples turds around all day on a bike? The service should be to take people swiftly to the nearest bog, but make sure the seats are wipe clean.

I think when there's one urgently "knocking at the backdoor" and I don't have enough time to get to that nearest bog, I would be glad to stop in an alley to quickly "put a Mandela on the train".

It's really the shitz to have breath that smells like ass!!!
Hell of a post @smasssh!
ps, I like the 2nd one!!!

Thanks man.
Yeh, that 2nd one is cool, we're working on a model that makes sounds. But we think the guests of the buyers of nr 2 will make those sounds enough. :-)

Hahaha! I like the one with the eyes, nose, mouth and teeth. Hope it won't bite? hahaha!!

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Haven't read the manual of that one yet. Do know that is has bad breath, lol.

Hahahaha, my goodness well I think we all full of shit, but sitting on that needle toilet. My goodness! That would certainly feel like acupuncture. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Everybody's doing it...


Legend!! We all have urges ))) haha

Ok, I think it's enough internet for me for the day!! lol
Rather than pissing me off it just causes me great laught and a lot of WTF's.
ps: I'd be petrified if I had to sit on that toilet with teeth and tongue haha


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smaaaaaasssshhhhy my man, hope you're doing great. I just sent you the balance of the loan i obtained from you. I don't know how to thank you enough for coming through for me and beimg patient with me till now, thank you so much Smasssh, you've made my entire experience here worthwhile, I can't thank you enough, if ever I get to meet you, I'm going to jump on you and hugg you so hard. You've been an heaven sent to me, I don't know how to thank you enough. You're awesome

Bawoni padi miiii?

Obviously you're doing fine also. Glad I could be of help.
Not even gonna verify the sum. Believe you on your blue eyes (we say here). Can't verify that either btw, because of the sunglasses you're wearing.

Take care mate, and a good continuation here.

Hahaha you rememberrrrrrr the greeting...hehehe nice nice, im well thank you...

Take care of you too smasssh. Catch you later.