Showcase-Sunday: People, What a Day

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By now most of you must have heard of #showcase-sunday (an initiative of the greatly missed @nonameslefttouse), so without further ado ...

People, What a Day

07.00 Woke up early, looked outside ..... YEEEAAAH, SNOW

07.30 Took a shower, a little breakfast and quickly OUTSIDE

08.00 Did some snow removal and ... made a SNOWMAN


08.15 The first person passing by is a bitchy feminist, asking me in an unpleasant way why I didn't make a SnowWOMAN

08.25 Made a smiling Snowwoman to accompany the Snowman


08.25 The Nanny of the neighbors arrives and starts making remarks about the size of the chest of the Snowwoman

08.35 The gay guy from down the road walking his Pekinese complains that it could have been two Snowmen as well

8.40 A car with a coulored couple stops, steps out of the car and they both begin to accuse me of being a racist because the snow is white


08.45 The nosy veganists from around the corner say that the orange carrot for the nose is food, which should not be used as decoration

08.50 Fatima stops and wants me to put a headscarf on the Snowwoman

As you can guess, by now my good mood is over and as polite as possible I start a "discussion" with all of them ...

09.00 The Police (probably notified by "Majordomo" from across the street) arrives and overlooks the scene, meanwhile making some phonecalls

09.10 While a journalist from the local newspaper asks me questions, the Secret Service grabs me by the arm and takes me away, preventing me from answering

09.15 They take my cellphone. After being blindfolded, I'm taken away by helicopter

09.25 The blindfold is taken off, I'm behind bars and being asked if I had henchmen

09.30 In the background I hear a voice on the radio saying ISIS claims to be the 'SNOWMAN'

Sorry I got carried away a bit. However, we're not far from those "world upside-down" events like this if you ask me


I'm (not) dreaming of a white Christmas




Wow! What a splendid day you had.

Indeed, one to never forget.

heheh daar verheug ik me inderdaad niet op in NL. Dat elke mening onder een kilo zout gelegd moet worden zodat niemand zich aangesproken voelt.

Beter dat de sneeuwman gewoon em in een hoekje chillt onder de palmboom. Ik wens je een awesome kerst met fijne mensen om je heen!

Moeten hier zo nodig altijd voorop lopen en het "braafste jongetje van de klas" zijn.

Voor jou en de jouwen ook gezellige dagen toegewenst. Latex.

What can you say...people are unsatisfied beasts...

Hope you are having a good time pre-Xmas time mate!

Impossible to please everyone these days. There's always someone who's feeling offended.

Wish the same for you too amigo.

A car with a coulored couple stops, steps out of the car and they both begin to accuse me of being a racist because the snow is white

Hahaha the criticism of people, never stops lol I think the couples are drunk, is it possible for a snow to be any other color other than white? Hahaha goodness me! What a couple.

Ofcourse I exaggerated a little. You know me by now I guess ...

Yep, maybe even more than good for us ... ;-)

Hahaha a Black snowman that was definitely the height of it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Political correctness gone a muck...


Lol, great one.

ahaha a snowman made of soil is my variant, we have no snow yet:))
a carrot can not be a decoration?? sometimes vegans are too....vegans;)

Here no snow either tbh.
Made up the story to show how people already very quickly feel offended and being discriminated because of minor things and taking everything too serious.

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Well thanks very much for that.

Snowmans are great :)

They sure are. Just hope that it will never become SnowGender.

Snowmen are beautiful. I liked the snowman standing on his head the most. :)

All very nice, seems great fun. You guys are great. I'il try it when it snows.

for you

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Merry Christmas!

Fuck winter, happy newyear

Nice snowman!

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