It's Time Again People, You know ... that ex(c)iting moment of the week

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The flocking crowd is already going insane

Some do have other obligations but have taken
special precautions to be kept informed.

Even the Mother-in-Law arrived to witness it with her own eyes but ... 22814334_144983522799974_7604853693156139377_n.jpg
still has to get used to the speed of her new broom.

Silently hoping for that long awaited vote of a whale, that,
(unless you become one yourself) will probably never come.

Yeah people, all this to get an answer (for years to come) on the obvious question that remains ...
Where were YOU when I published this post for


Have a GREAT week you all.

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Haha two go me laughing, are you saying she teleporting or flying on that broom and got stuck? Hahaha.

Well I guess we we won't become bones waiting for that whale lol it's sincerely fucked up

Flying, just like a sorceress.
Must be fun to be a whale though, all day lazy and being ... a whale.


Always roll in laugher and always expectant of Sundays man keep the flag of humour flying high

Will do my best amigo, but with a lack of audience it's getting harder and harder and less fun to do.

You should maybe stick to only nudity. There's always a "market" for that, lol.

Always good to get some advice of a pro. Thanks man :-)

Well it takes so much to get that huge Support. I've resteemed though

That't very kind of you, thanks man.

Think you might need a second roll...

One day when I'm a whale myself I'm gonna buy me a whole factory that produces them.

Big plans :)

If STEEM sits at these levels for the next year or so I think a few of us will be looking at 100k+

That's a lot of shit-roll!

At least by then we're prepared when shit hits the fan ...

Hoping to be a long way from that fan even with rolls in reserve. To the beach bar!

That picture reminds me of slightly waiting for steem to moon or bull to run. Loool...


Hahaha, indeed. A pie in the sky ...

I agree with you.

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The most funny picture of the man who attended the game in the runway alone

@smasssh, Looks like you always succeed to bring fun to your blogs. Stay blessed.

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Funny friend!!

Thank you.