How to Improvise Partita on the Hymn Tune DIX | Hauptwerk Alessandria

in #secretsoforganplaying4 months ago

In this video I will teach you how to improvise a partita on the famous hymn tune DIX. Welcome to Niels who is a new member and especially likes my recent improvisation tutorial series!

The structure of the partita will be as follows:

  1. Chorale harmonisation
  2. Harmonic analysis
  3. Bicinium
  4. Ornamented chorale with TOOOOOOBA!!!!
  5. Minor mode
  6. Lydian mode
  7. Dorian mode
  8. French modes
  9. Final variation with double pedals

This video was requested by @James Flores who is a Friend of SOP.

I will be using Hauptwerk Alessandria sample set. Hope you will enjoy it!

maxresdefault (75).jpg


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