Rising Star – The new HIVE blockchain game I grew fond of

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Some would say to work hard and play hard! And to be honest after putting some working hours and dealing with the stress from it, I feel the need to let my mind fly away, stop thinking too much and just enjoy simple things. And one of such activities is playing blockchain games as I like to be in this space. One game that I have discovered no more than 1 week ago on HIVE is the Raising Star.


The Rising Star game follows the steps of a musician from playing at corner streets until it becomes famous and can show off his talents to the world public. A card game with the purpose of raising fans all over the world and getting as high as you can. I must confess that I had my doubts if to throw some HIVE crypto out there and buy me some cards to put me in front of the others, but I decided not to do that and just see where the game takes me.

So, I have completed mission after mission, either on illegal busking, open mic night or even tried the mic week support slot until I have got to 100 missions where I received a random pack. And with it I have got 5 Fans + 10 Fans + 50 Fans which at market value would be about 60 HIVE. That is pretty great, right!!! This gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to keep on going and earn new rewards in order to be able to perform music routines in bigger places with bigger prizes.

I invite you to take place at a wonderful journey with the Rising Star, a place for musicians and for song listeners at the same time.

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Thank you very much for the post about Rising Star.
Remember that you can also use your referral link to receive 1 STARBIT for every mission that your referred players complete.

Didn't know about that but for sure will use it in the future when sharing Rising Star stories. Bringing the band together is quite amazing!

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