Portraits of Steem, a series.

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Good evening everybody!

Tonight I'm officially starting a new series of paintings. It's going to be based on portraits of the amazing steemians I've gotten to know during my journey in this platform so far! And of course they are Steemians I personally esteem ;)

I'm actually a newbie in here, and people have been so kind to me since the very beginning. I can't put to words how grateful I am for them so I decided to open this little series of portraits.

It all starts with this incredible gentlemen right here, who has been so supportive to me and my art. He was kind enough to help me find my way as an art maker in Steem.


Dear @jamerussell, this is for you!

And since we're already here, I wanted to share with you the making process of this sketchy oil painting.

I still think of it as a painting practice because I didn't have the time to properly dedicate myself to it. I'm not completely satisfied with the result though, but I'm trying not to be too hard on myself (I'm an expert on that).

Everything begins with a pencil sketch on the canvas. The first stage consists of non-specific strokes on an attempt to place every element of the portrait.


Then I start to define the figure a little more.

I try not to be too thoughtful about this drawing because the most part of it will be lost when I apply paint over it.


After that, I put the first layer of paint. Acrylic paint, just to save drying time.

I tend to make A LOT of mistakes in this first layer. But that's okay, everything can be fixed with more paint.


(Yes, those are my chubby fingers hehe)

When everything is dry I make a mental note of every mistake I notice so far. In this case, the eyes are not aligned, and the left one looks a little bit off.

But no worries, now it's oil paint time!


I place rough strokes just to have an idea of value. I try to fix things, as well. This is the time to worry about likeness.

Then, I blend those strokes reducing the rough appearance, and place some smoother brushstrokes.

Finally I forget a bit about the face and work in the hair, the clothes and background.


And there it is, the most serious and badass portrait I've made.


The gloss you guys can see there it's because the paint was wet when I took the pictures.

I even ruined my shorts after that photoshoot, there was white paint all over them haha


That's it!

The real mission of this new series is to expand my Steem experience to make new friends over the platform! With that said, this is "Portraits of Steem".

Thank you so much for reading!


The artwork above belongs to me. However, the reference picture and the portrait subject as well are property of @jamerussell, and were used with his own permission.


I think that this series will become very popular:) Great portrait, i like his expression and what a badass beard:)

I really hope so! It'd make me so happy to paint for others too! That beard was so fun to paint hahaha
Thank you @georgeboya :)

Amazing! Absolutely a beautiful piece of art! I have trouble drawing stick figures! 🤣

I am sure James is honored that you chose him as your subject.

That is awesome!! You did a fantastic drawing @jamerussell!!


Thank you so much Wes!!!

You are most welcome!! Remember us lowly folks when you hit the big time!!

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Dude this is awesome! What an awesome way to give back to Steem! We are lucky to have you on board :) Glad you ran into @jamerussell he does such a lot to welcome new Steemians and help them through the steep learning curve on this platform! Really a great likeness, this is so cool :)

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Thank you SO much!!! The awesomeness of every single person I've met in Steem so far is overwhelming! I'm so happy and thankful for all the support I've received since my first post and I can't thank you guys enough for that.

I honestly think I'm the lucky one in here!

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Thank you so much!!!

This is excellent work! What a fantastic piece of art! 💖

Thank you very much @thekittygirl !!! I want you to know that I appreciate a lot your constant will to help me through the Steem Terminal!

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That is absolutely amazing @parchi-guaya, I am impressed through the roof!
I knew that you could do this, you have a beautiful gift and it would be an absolute shame to go to waste, if you didn't capitalize on it.
Best wishes for every endeavor you set out on in the Steem community, and in 3D in real life as well!!!
I thank you for the excellent work you did on this piece.

The pleasure was mine! Thank you for believing in me and having the patience to teach me the right way to contribute to this platform!

Take this portrait as a present for your abnegated support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Awesome Man! Just Wow!

Aww thank youuuuu!!!

Im just.... wow. YOU MY DEAR ARE A PRETTY NICE ARTIST! ill be following your journey. Welcome to Steemit and steem blockchain.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

@parchi-guaya ... meet @prettynicevideo... a positive force both in the @steemterminal as well as the Blockchain...

I love it ! And the best person to paint in my opinion ! And the fact that you put a picture in with your hand and ones with a sign with your name talk about providing proof and source wow 💯 % lady blog soon

Thank you @brittandjosie !!! I really appreciate your words! I was trying to be more careful with my sourcing this time :D

Wonderful artwork!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Thank you!!


Wao! wonderful painting. Congratulations.

Thank you so much!! :)

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Amazing! Well done!

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Congratulations for your work, I am impress you draw is clear and spectacular. Very nice Artwork

Hi @parchi-guaya You are a talented artist. I wish you good luck in the future with whatever your endeavors.

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