Yelia - New Card for Rada Quest Trading Card Game

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Hi radanians, princess, warriors, gamers and other disreputable dudes!


I want to show you the new illustration for the Rada Quest card game and, by the way, tell you some detail of the story of Yelia, keeper of the passage.

Farnan was not a warrior who was easily frightened but, at that moment, he felt his heart pounding in the chest. The silence barely broke with the whisper of his boots and those of his two escorts in his slow walk. He wielded the sword tightly, opening and closing his fingers around the handle from time to time, as if making sure that it is still there and will not fail when necessary.

For decades nobody had come down to the catacombs of the fortress and entered that passage. Too much blood stained the manuscripts that described what happened there. What had to be an exemplary penalty turned into a disproportionate punishment to the crime committed. But how to predict such violent consequences. She earned the nickname "keeper of the passage" because no one who dared to cross it came back to tell it.

But that was a long time ago. With the fortress besieged and about to be defeated, that passage was the only hope of evacuating the few survivors who still defended the walls. Farnan would make sure that the road was clear and that the exit on the other side of the mountain would bring the opportunity to live another day to fight again in better circumstances.

He tried to imagine what Yelia could do to be condemned to stoning in that passage and how that triggered in such massacre. Some say she sold her soul to some creature of the underworld. Others say that she was, really, one of those creatures.

A fleeting flash. His instinct forced him to duck and the air stirred over his head with a whistle. Two thud against the floor behind him. He didn't need to turn back to take a look; the head of one of his escort rolled to his feet. The next noise was that of decapitated bodies collapsing lifeless. And then he saw her.


Farnan was paralyzed. He was afraid to meet a monster and before him was a woman of a gorgeus beauty, insolent, savage. Her blue eyes shone like stars in the dark. And they were fixed on him. With a movement of her hand she unbuckled a breastplate buckle and then it fell off, leaving her torso completely naked. Farnan felt hypnotized. She still held a two-blade scythe in one hand. Identical to the one she had thrown deftly against her guards, beheading them in one fell swoop. When Farnan realized that the scythe was beginning to move was too late. A flash of pain pierced his insides. The legs stopped responding and he fell to the ground, kneeling. He could barely feel the warm moisture of his intestines sliding between his legs. He couldn't take his eyes off that fabulous warrior.

Yelia came over and knelt in front of him. She was so close that Farnan could smell her. That fragrance reminded him of summer afternoons, at the edge of a pond, resting on the grass. He felt comforted. Relaxed. Then she kissed him. A soft kiss on his lips. A sweet kiss through which his last breath of life left his body to enter hers.

Text and illustration created by @marcosdk for Rada Quest TCG

Maybe my English is not very good, I'm sorry, but thanks if you have read this far...


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Rada Quest
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Written by @marcosdk
All the pics by @marcosdk


Una hermosura de guerrera Yelia con esa guadañas de doble filo, bien fuerte que es, acabo con todos, aqui estamos apoyando este hermoso proyecto @radaquest en las altas y en las bajas.

Gracias @sacra97 por este apoyo tan importante! Me alegra que te haya gustado

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Apoyando el trabajo y la excelencia de las comunidades amigas, querido equipo @radaquest @marcosdk. Hermosa creación!. Un abrazo!.

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