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A fantastic piece of Science Fiction. Dave reminds me of Marvin- perhaps with a slightly more cheery disposition. I am impressed with the arguments put forth by all parties- it's a believable sequence of events as world leaders grapple with such a difficult question! I am glad humanity had Adam and Dave to ensure some knowledge of our existence persisted in the parent universe!



@samsmith1971! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @dibblers.dabs.

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Aah thank you so much @ dibblers.dabs that means a lot coming from you 🙏 When I first laid eyes on the synopsis, I was so excited...and terrified! 😂 On the one hand I think my head imploded on the spot with all the science lols but I was also like...right...what does all this magical fanciful stuff boil down to lol and how can I tweak the 'recipe' given to me to get the best of my 'ingredients' :-) and then I went on a research mission for a few days to read everything I could lay my hands on about Higgs Boson, Super Symmetry, Baby Universes, Utilitarianism and De-ontological thought etcetera etcetera. Whew... most fascinating research I have ever done in a short space of time (excuse the pun, not intended works😁). And this was the result. I wanted a positive ending but also to keep within the rules of the game so to speak. I really appreciate you taking the time to read it and to share your thoughts 🙏😍