Australia: Hell on Earth? | A look inside the burns.

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The extreme heatwave that has hit much of Australia has reached extremely high levels and this is resulting in countless outbreaks of fires in many places. To date, an estimated 2,000 homes have been destroyed, 25 people have died and a large share of the koala population was decimated (entering a kind of "pre-extinction"). Other animals are also in serious danger.

The air pollution rate is also very high, which triggers other types of problems. In addition, the population routine has undergone radical changes and chaos is spreading... While trying to be controlled by professionals and by civilians. It is a huge joint effort fighting for the same cause.

This is a very sad situation, and one that is alerting the world to global warming (an issue that has been discussed for years but now - for obvious reasons - has gained even more momentum). The political debate also came back in full force with a very important question: How far are government officials failing to help combat this kind of situation?

When it comes to natural destruction, Australia's situation is one of the most devastating that has ever happened... But surely, humans have their share of the blame, because climate change has been oscillated by the neglect of the population (especially those people who don't believe that a phenomenon like global warming can really exist, this being just a media invention).

The fact is, global warming does exist (there are several specific studies conducted by leading scientists around the world that prove it), and the findings are more than obvious because it is very clear that nature is teaching us a hard lesson and making pay for our mistakes.

Unfortunately, not everyone should be responsible for paying such a high bill.... But fortunately, in the midst of all this horrible situation going on in Australia, there are great people who have been helping (with simple but extremely valuable attitudes) and relieving all the harm being caused.

The following photos reveal a bit of both sides (good vs. bad) and give a dimension of what might be considered a "hell on earth":

  • In the fight against fire, a woman risks to save a koala's life.

Bored Pand

  • A man watching everything catch fire and can't do anything to put it out.

WillOfTheLand - Reddit

  • A child being rescued amid air pollution.


  • A kangaroo trying to escape the fire.

The New York Times

  • In the middle of the fire, firefighters rescuing some animals.

cheryl2399 - Reddit

  • Inside the burns.

FlashoverAU - Twitter

  • Firefighters working to try to put out the fires.


  • Australian fires, made from NASA satellite data (3D view).

Anthony Hearsey - Official Site

These were just a few examples, because the situation is even more disastrous. However, at the same time, there is a real army (including many celebrities) willing to fight and help get it over with as quickly as possible.

Finally, I wonder: How can anyone believe global warming is a fake or just a "marketing gimmick"?


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