Lifted (An Original Poem)

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As the curtain
of darkness is drawn tight
and the incense
smoke hangs still,
muse settles in
and I become its channel.

It’s quick to remind me
in its soft murmurs
that possibilities and hope
are still within the
reach of my mind.

My muse,
a mysteriously
sweet amnesia,
that makes me
forget my wounds,
my worries, and
the prickly ache
of time passed.

Once refocused
in the moment
it’s easy to see my scars
do not define me
but they make me
who I am.

Worries are only time wasted,
my muse is otherworldly
and Heaven sent,
it leaves me lifted,

with the warmth of it
wrapped around me
I can brush the
the frigid throes
of this world
from my shoulders.

Again I can walk
with head raised,
proud of each
facet of my soul,
happy in every
cell of my being,
again filled with
the anticipation
of all that might be.

~ Eric Vance Walton ~

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Sweet, basically amazing, I was lost in the first Stanza though, it seems enigmatic but it didn't fail to dazzle me really. Beautifully written sir, been long I read your poems

Thanks, @josediccus! It's great to hear from you and I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Yeah all is well, it's been pretty hectic trying to match steem with some other things Eric, but I'm managing it quite well thanks a lot

Very glad to hear it!

Hi Eric, what a beautiful poem about a life full of joy and sorrow. They occur alternately like a cart wheel. Sometimes the above sometimes below. I hope u have a great day, sir.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Enjoy your day, Eliana.

Hello, Eric. It's good to see the muse is still with you and I'm grateful for this uplifting reminder:

My muse,
a mysteriously
sweet amnesia,
that makes me
forget my wounds

Just back from a short visit to the UK, where I was invited to Oxford University to discuss the role of poetry and why it matters. My short answer, an echo of your above poem, is that it's a reminder of what is indestructible in us & our world.

Write on _/|\_

PS -- Meantime, because this man cannot live by poetry, alone, I'm starting a new business & thought to pick your brain:

How wonderful for you to be able to speak at Oxford about poetry! I'll have a look at your post.

Awww you write so well. You have a fan here

Thank you Michell!

Great and it touched every aspect of emotion beautifully written masterpiece

Thank you @blazing!

So proud of my scars! They make me who I am now 💕 an alchemist who turns everything into love. Oh least I try .....

This is the part I love about getting older, when you realize even the scars make us who we are! I hope you had a great weekend @mammasitta!

Hello via London! Scares are sexy 😂

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One of my favorite cities! Have fun!

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Excellent working

I gave you upvote 💯 and resteem your posting


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