July simply butterflies

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They brighten up our walk through the gardens and fields.
They also get on my nerves since they are agile and very moved so photographing them is quite a challenge
IMG_39 copia.jpg

See her wings so colorful and delicate floating in the air.
They stop but only a little, they are girls in a hurry.

IMG_2521 copia.jpg
Surely if you do not have the camera ready they surround you, as if making fun of you.
IMG_252 copia.jpg
IMG_2537 copia.jpg
IMG_98 copia.jpg
So when I capture them I am a happy woman hahaha
IMG_532 copia.jpg
IMG_2539 copia.jpg
IMG_2533 copia.jpg
These are several days and days
Today I put them to celebrate the new month.
IMG_2528 copia.jpg
Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

Image © txatxy. All Rights Reserved.
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Qué preciosidad de tximeletas. Feliz día

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 12 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Lovely butterflies my dear ! 😊
enjoy butterflies.GIF

Cool summer garden photos... I have lot them here also in home garden. 😋👌