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Today I took a bike ride to try and shake off this keto flu that is kicking my ass at the moment. It was cold but sunny and the wind held the scent of snow - a frosty sharpness blowing north from the welsh hills.

As I powered down the main road toward the park something caught my eye and made me stop.

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I grew up in the community of Toxteth in the 1980's and it has seen a lot of changes since then, mainly good, but it is still a very poor area.

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I went to a playgroup at this community centre as a kid. I remember being dropped here and really looking forward to it because they had a huge box of lego... ahhh simpler times. I guess I must have been about 5 years old at the time. One other thing I remember about Gramby community centre was that it was run down, with scorched bricks from an attempted arson attack. How things have changed!

I love discovering street art like this, and especially when it has such personal and fond associations. I've traveled quite a lot in my life and no matter where I go this is a consistent thing... the best street art can often be found in the more run down areas of a city.


I stopped to snap some quick shots of this building which holds such a fond place in my personal history.


The rest of the bike ride flashed by in a blur of pedals and prodigy's excellent album 'Invaders Must Die'. I stopped by the river on my way home briefly, but as a storm was blowing in, decided to power through the final 4 miles to beat the rain.


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Wow amazing

Glad you enjoyed the street art from Liverpool :)

Thats some really Cool paintings, thx for showing us, And especially with the enlightening story! Sometimes change is good :)

No worries brasan :)

I'm glad you enjoyed this little slice-of-life from the streets of Liverpool :)

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These are just amazing!
I love that there's still so much hope and creativity... even in places you may least expect.
Thank you so much for sharing these!

Thanks @carrieallen and @creativecoin for the curation.

I love that there's still so much hope and creativity... even in places you may least expect.

Yes, that's the take home message for sure. At least in my childhood community of Toxteth where these pics were taken. Back in the 1980's, when I was growing up, there was little hope in that community... hence the burn marks from an arson attack that I remember.

The vibrant street art, and a tone of blossoming community projects centered around Granby street, that I mention in this post, are indications of the hope and pride that has returned to Toxteth. Honestly, my memories of it growing up is around 50% of the buildings derelict and every 5th house selling Smack or Crack... or something else illicit.

But there's so much less of that these days. Things are looking up in the ghetto lol