I want to tell you a story. All about my town...

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Hey there @derangedvisions, I heard you're looking for a cool place to travel? I'd like to tell you a little about my town, Victoria, British Columbia on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.


Me and my wife Cathy came here for a vacation seven years ago. Then we went home to Toronto, sold our house and moved right back three months later! We sold or donated almost everything we owned, stuffed the rest into our Chrysler mini-van, and drove 3,000 miles to get here. I've never been happier. Since that day we have been retired, and honestly all we do is take photos, or in Cathy's case, take photos and make paintings.

Cathy on Mount Tolmie, looking down at the city

Let me show you where this is... recognize the west coast of North America? Three cities are circled on the map. Vancouver at the top, Victoria on the tip of the island, and 130 miles to the southeast is Seattle. (Study this map. There will be questions at the end!)


This is the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We have spectacular scenery, pristine nature, wildlife, ocean, mountains... and a lovely little city that I call home with a population somewhere around 250,000. It's small enough that I can walk almost anywhere I want to go. I'm going to show some photos of the city and surrounding area, but first there is something else I need to talk to you about...

Hey America...

I'm a Canadian. I put the letter U in the word colour and harbour, exactly the way God intended when SHE invented the English language. (See what I did there? I'm offending as many people as possible for comic relief! Just play along.) That's right, damn you Noah Webster for screwing up our language! ...but I digress. Where was I? Oh yes.


Why is it that every time I point my camera towards the ocean, I see your mountains? It's like you're always lurking in the background of my photos, taunting me! I wouldn't mind so much except my passport has expired and I can't go there at the moment! I want the readers to understand that all the mountains in the photos I'm about to show are in the USA. We have plenty of mountains in Canada, but you can't see them from here!

Above: Alpenglow on Mount Baker, Washington with San Juan Island in the middle distance

Can you see why any photographer might want to live here? This is looking due south.

Large sailboat with Washington's Olympic mountains in the background.

Living on an island means you get to see a lot of boats! The local economy depends on the tourist trade, and Victoria is one of the stops for the Alaska cruise ships coming up the coast from San Francisco and Seattle. Below you can see two cruise ships racing each other out of Puget Sound, heading for Victoria, roughly 2 hours away. In the foreground is Point Wilson Light, Port Townsend, Washington.


The cruise ships dock here three at a time and sometimes more have to wait their turn to get in. Every night the ships are in port, 6,000 or more tourists are let loose on the town.


Speaking of tourists, we love them and hate them at the same time. It's like that in any tourist town. I find the crowds downtown ideal subjects for street photography. Here's a typical bunch, straight off a cruise ship watching a young lady play a harp. Look at them closely... Alaska sweat shirt, guy smoking a cigarette, a woman with a 'Super Big Gulp'. Yep, those are the tourists... For the rest of this post, I'll show some examples of what a tourist might do here.


A carriage ride through China town.


Check out a haunted castle. This town is crawling with ghosts if you believe the tourist guides.


Play golf beside the ocean. The courses are open year-round. We almost never get snow here, although this past winter we had snow for a week. (It made me consider moving!)


Maybe you'd like to take some kayak lessons. These guys below run a little school, they'd be more than happy to teach you!


Once you've got those kayaking skills down pat, you might want to paddle over for a front row seat at the Victoria Symphony Orchestra.


Wildlife photography. Bring your long lens. This photo was taken in the city. The bald eagle is carrying a large crab which he just scooped off the beach.


The whole town is full of deer. We've got way too many, but as a photographer, I don't mind at all. Remember that shot of my wife? This little gif is made from shots taken about 50 yards from where she was standing.


If you have time to get out of town for a short trip, you might want to try some fishing.


Or do a little camping on the beach...


And then you can get back on that cruise ship to Alaska.


Or take the Victoria Clipper back to Seattle.


Or a seaplane to Vancouver.


Wow, that's twenty images, so I better wrap this up. I apologize for the length of this post, but @derangedvisions wants you to work hard and be creative if you enter his contest. I hope you enjoyed these images of my adopted home town.

Edit: I forgot to mention Whale Watching... what was I thinking? Sometimes the Orca whales will come right into the inner harbour. You could have seen one in the final picture if the timing had been right!

All photos were taken by me, @keithboone. Please click for a closer view, and thanks very much for visiting.


Beautiful beautiful. And great photos. That's all I can say
Deserves the bigests upvotes.

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Thank you, what a lovely comment!

It was a great pleasure to read and see your blog, thanks for the resteem of @dswigle. Wonderful! You write with humor and photograph with mastery. Thanks! $trdo

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Thanks again!

That's such a nice comment, I really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

With pleasure. You wrote a very nice blog, it was a great pleasure to read it.

Very nice photography and humorous post! I gave you votes from both accounts. I've visited at Victoria before but it has been a few years. It seems like I remember a really nice museum there and a restaurant on a mile marker that was good.

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Thank you! Yes, the Royal British Columbia Museum is very cool - it's partially visible on the left-hand edge of my first photo. I'm pretty sure I know the little restaurant you mean as well, located close to 'Mile Zero' of the Trans Canada highway. Thanks very much for your support!

Perfect presentation!

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Thanks so much for that comment & curation @axeman! I really appreciate it!

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Don't apologize for the lent of this post, this is an amazing gem, both the story and the photography! I have adopted Alberta as my home for over a decade and the best decision I ever made, I can definitely relate with love at first sight when seeing a new environment. Sounds like you and your wife have a great time. As long as I have been here, for some reason, I never quite made it that far west yet. I always wanted to visit Victoria, I'm afraid I will also never want to leave!! Seeing this really makes me want to get planning for a roadtrip next summer. Thank you for sharing your town and great story! xox

Thanks so much for the lovely response. I could have gone on a lot longer but I was getting worried the post might take too long for people to load. If you're in Alberta, you have to come west for a visit. Vancouver is awesome but I like the slower pace of life in Victoria. Our daughter and her husband just moved to Calgary, so we're planning a short road trip to visit them. Looks like rain in the mountains for a few days so it might have to be next week. I'm happy you liked this post, and I really appreciate your comments!

I guess I don't think about loading time when I write my posts! Good that you pointed that out. Both Vancouver and Victoria have been on the bucket list, I would personally prefer the slower pace of Victoria as well but still want to see both, maybe on separate trips. I don't want to short change my tourist experience in each.

With your daughter living in Calgary now you will have plenty of opportunities to visit Banff and Kananaskis County. It's been pretty rainy here all summer, I'm not surprised of the forecast. Have fun on your upcoming adventure :)

I'm not sure if loading time is really an issue or not in terms of the number of images in a post. But I know that when I've forgotten to downsize images, I get some comments from mobile users. I wonder what the best image size is in term of pixels? Do you have any thoughts on that? I've been downsizing to about 1600 on the long edge, but maybe that's still too large? I try to get the images down to well under 1 meg each, but sometimes I forget...

Interesting, I can't say that I ever had any complaints on my posts about it. I keep my horizontal pictures as is and only downsize my verticals to anywhere between 90 to 120 kbyte so that they don't take the whole screen. I don't know about pixel count tho. I use jpeg not raw as well.

You are making your files much smaller than mine in that case. I've wondered if mine are oversized, so perhaps they are.

If they are bigger than that, probably t most likely the horizontal ones are fine, just the verts. Plus you have gifs, moving parts probably take longer as well. For me the verticals have trouble loading onto the blockchain and fail half the time if I don't reduce. I'm no expert tho, just a few tweeks I had to make. This is a useful tool: https://www.reduceimages.com/final_image.php?image=b4d51e3e0d

Excellent, I'll check it out. Thanks a lot!

I can see why you moved here, it's a beautiful place, a real feast for the eyes all around! What a quirky way to watch a symphony concert;)

Thank you! That's an annual event and I always find it so amusing :-)

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I put the letter U in the word colour and harbour.

I still do too Keith ~ As well as in favourite. Grammarly is always telling me I have it wrong and I imagine lots of people think we have too. Hard when you are outnumbered. Something goes through my brain every time I’m about to write a U word. Should I just go with the popular? But I’ve been sticking with the Aussie/Canadian like a 'real stickler.'

Such a beautiful part of the world. Little wonder it’s a haven for tourists. Love your photo of the girl playing the harp. And the photograph of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. That would be such a wonderful thing to do.

I have a niece living and working in Baniff ~ Visits home occasionally but I don’t think she’ll live in Oz again. Loves the mountains and lakes now. Will have to come and visit her now AND see your beautiful home town. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thank you! I hope you do get a chance to visit. Victoria is small and beautiful. Vancouver is big and cosmopolitan and very exciting... but Banff, that is a slice of heaven. Your daughter is lucky to live there in the mountains!

Don't apolise for the length of the 0ost, it was lovely taking a little trip through your town - it looks amazing.

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Thanks for the kind words!


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Now isn't that the sweetest thing ever! Mmmmmm! Chocolate Cake!!! :-) THANK YOU!

gorgeous photos. definitely on my bucket list of places to visit!!

That's great to hear, I hope you are able to visit soon! Thank you :-)

all the photo's are pretty and outstanding, especially the first one. Also I noticed the way you speak a word seems cool and relaxing.

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Thank you very much! That first shot is one of my favourites. It's the only photo I ever took that got on national network TV. (About 9 seconds at the end of the weather) :-)

Hah! I'm so impressed.... :D
And hah! That 'U' - I do that too.... I learnt British English, not American English... and can tell the difference between 'advice' and 'advise' which microsoft and all computer-literate youngsters can't!

Lol, good to check out this post of yours, Keith... I should drop by more often!
Cheers, my friend!! :)

I can tell that you 'learnt' British English because you didn't say you learned it! It's funny because I actually sort of switch between American and British English depending on the word. For example 'centre' just looks silly to me. And when I hear someone from Britain use the perfectly valid word whilst, it makes me laugh, and I want to ask Who are you? Shakespeare? Of course, I know that's just me being silly, but that word makes me laugh!

It's great to hear from you, I haven't been around much but I'm coming to visit your page today. :-)

You've probably ruined your city for yourself. Who wouldn't want to move thereafter seeing this post? You've put a desire in my heart.

Ah, that's very nice of you to say, thank you! Here come a million more tourists! :-)

Absolutely wonderful post! I've only been to Victoria once, many years ago, and your sales pitch makes me want to go back. I didn't see the contest you're referring to, but it would be so cool if everyone did a post on where they live. Although not everybody could do such a good job!

I appreciate your comment very much, and I think there is still some time to get in on this contest. You should do it for sure!

Your place looks amazing, you got some amazing shots here!!
I remember this 🏰, you have been posted this in BnW am i correct?
Overall a great post with amazing images, i enjoyed reading it!!

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Thank my friend! You've no doubt seen that castle before and I have posted it in black and white. Not sure if it's exactly this shot or not because I have trouble keeping track of what I post, and I've taken a lot of shots there.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Awesome! Thanks so much to @thekittygirl and @innerblocks!

You are most welcome! I was so amazed by your photos and write-up that I also shared this post this morning during "Pimp Your Post Thursday" (PYPT), the oldest curation-show on Discord for posts on the Steem blockchain. (The founder of PYPT and "TheRamble" discord, @shadowspub, is also proudly Canadian!) Everyone was quite taken by your work, as we always are in the #ygs server! Thank you for sharing your fantastic work with us! All of the photos in this post are wonderful, but that first shot of the city with the reflection of lights on the water is breathtaking, and truly one of the best such shots I've ever seen! The blossoms on the trees definitely "clinch" the shot!

Thanks again! I mentioned in another comment that this was the only photo I've taken that got on TV. It was a network news show, coast to coast. I was so proud I can still remember... something like 8 or 9 seconds at the end of the weather. The camera starts out zoomed in on the photo. Music plays. A voice says something like "Tonight on Your Canada we take you to Victoria, British Columbia." The camera pulls back and you see the entire photo, my name comes up in the corner, and then Poof! Cut to a commerical. I still have a copy of that full news show, just for the final 9 seconds! :-)

I truly appreciate your support, it's sweet to know this post was on a curation show!

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Hi @keithboone, what a beautiful place thanks for sharing, the best place is where we feel comfortable. Enjoy it and many successes, a hug in the distance

Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy you liked this post :-)

This is an amazing entry. I think you set the bar high with this one and gave other people something to shoot for with their posts. I am going to see if I can plan a trip to Canada at some point and visit Vancouver. This is beautiful. Thank you for taking your time to make such an amazing post.

Glad to hear you liked it @derangedvisions! I forgot to mention the rain... Better bring an umbrella. It depends on the time of year of course, but it looks like the rainy season is here. I was supposed to leave tomorrow for a road trip into the mountains on the mainland, and now I'm delayed by a week or more because of rain... It's really coming down today, wow! ;-)

oh I already did comment here but still I found it in #pypt discord, shared by @kittygirl.

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Thank you again, it's so cool to get this much support on a post!

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Man, those photos are STUNNING!!

I've always wanted to visit the Pacific North-West, and definitely wanna get to Vancouver and that whole region. Beautiful!!

This was presented in #PYPT..... very grateful for seeing it.

Thanks so much, I'm happy you liked this, and I do highly recommend visiting the PNW... which I will define as Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and I suppose the Alaska panhandle as well. Anywhere in that area is going to blow your mind! :-)

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Your presentation made me fall in love with that place. 😀
No wonder you chose it and moved there and guess what, I did not get the feeling the post was long. I wish there was more and to enjoy your beautuful photos.
I understand completely why you love and hate tourists, LOL The same is everywhere. 😀

I'm happy to hear this post made you fall in love with my city! That's such a nice thing to say, thank you!

You are most welcome!

You definitely managed to fit a great part of your town in one epic post!
And what a big harbour and such amazing colours :)

Thanks so much! I wish I had spent more time describing the harbour... it's a very busy place with 100+ seaplane flights in and out each day, dozens of water-taxis, three different scheduled ferries (to Seattle and Port Townsend, Washington, and also to Vancouver, BC.) There are also barges, sailboats & huge yachts coming and going. The large cruise ships dock just outside the main harbour. It's quite a cool place

The size of it, is overwhelming!

You wouldn't think so if you saw it though, they just pack a lot of stuff in there :-)

Oh, of course, these shots and this post are always the best. You picked a winner for a place to live. Honestly. I love the Washington, DC area for different reasons and it fits my life right now, but, the peace and abundant beauty there makes me want to revisit Victoria.

When I was up there, it was really nice, but, no cruise ship action, so smaller. Or perhaps there were and I wasn't aware? NO way. They dump off thousands at a time. you notice!

What is up with your passport, man? Don't let that thing expire. You never know when you want to come visit our wonderfully colorful (see what I did there? Ha! No U!) country. You know you want to. Not. LOL

You have given such a superb overview and I loved it. As to your question on downloading, I noticed that I had trouble loading my own blog when I was away or even in a less populated area. I had to downsize my pictures (mostly the verticals, for some reason, the others load much easier) and then all was well in my world.

I hope someday I find a place that drive me to want to sell it all and move there. Then I will know I found my final resting place. :)

Most excellent post, as usual.

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Good morning, Denise, I'm happy you like my post! When were you here? The town is booming, lot's of construction, the population growing, etc. The cruise ships are seasonal, but it seems the number of visits is increasing every year.

Let me ask you about file sizes... do you make your files a certain number of pixels across?

Regarding that completely insane madman Noah Webster... did you know he wanted to change the spelling of the word tongue to tung? Fortunately, someone stopped him! :-)

I want to say in the 90's is when I was there! And camping! The cruise ships are more plentiful going through there, even I can see from here. They don't usually go after September, because, why would they?But, yes! Those ginormous ones have got to be hell on the cities or even worse, the islands! Imagine 6,000-12,000 being dumped off on their own? Yikes! Get yourself down to the terminal and offer a sightseeing tour for 20-50 bucks each. Take them fun places. You will be rich in no time. They do it in every port. And people go with them because they are cheaper.

Best tour I ever took was from a local who I ended up tipping more than the tour was. He was amazing and knew little things and didn't mind stopping so I could take pictures. That wasn't a cruise, but, I found him at the cruise terminal. LOL

I want to say 1920 pixels, but now I am going to have to look on the programs I use.

Haha! I wondered where the product Tung Oil came from!! :)

Thanks for your humor. It always brings a smile to my face!


That's an interesting idea, Denise and not something that would have occurred to me. The season ends here this week. We've got one more ship tomorrow, three on Friday and two on Saturday. All the tourist shops must be dreading this, not to mention the street musicians! Maybe next year... thanks again! :-)


If you are seriously interested in this, you should cruise the terminal this week and just check them out and check out what they charge (the ones on the outside of the terminal) Some of them even make videos or slide shows and sell them to the tourists.

I'm telling you, make your own hours... I almost wished I lived near a terminal! All that fun and money too!

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I can confess that it has made me travel in that wonderful place that you show.

Thank you! That is so nice to hear, I can't think of a nicer compliment than that! :-)

It is always a pleasure to travel with my eyes, keep publishing so much beauty

I know your BEAUTIFUL city quite well as I visit my daughter who also lives there, from South Africa. While she works I frequent the harbour and sit and paint it live and talk to the locals mostly.
I come home soothed and looking forward to my next visit.
A lovely post.
I approve of the letter u as well!

Thank you so much! It's possible I've seen you with your paintbrush... do you have a favourite area in the harbour?

Awesome environment, beautifully captured. Well done!

Thanks very much!

I keep looking for myself lurking in the background of some of your photos around town... One day, I'm sure I'll have a cameo.

Haha, that's awesome. I got you in about 80 shots but you don't stick around long enough to sign a release! :-)