Taiga Nymph

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Do you still remember this nymph from the Skandinavian boreal forests?

She’s dreaming of running in these mossy covered grounds again as summer comes, way outside of modern civilization. Though her delicate skin is not fan of the mosquitos...

Self portraits from back in the day, 2016.




I;m getting a kate Moss vibe here

Kate Moss a’la Mario Sorrenti in the 90s? I’ll take that!

Damn, girl! That's an incredible shoot! How long did it take you to find the right poses? How much of a timer did you give yourself?

I remember it being super hard because of the mosquitos and getting the focus right, posing itself is not that hard. I think I might have already had a remote that I used, which is anything buy reliable.

Ulala sexy lady :P

😁 thanks!

Such lovely mossy ground. Looks so soft and undulating. I could lie on it all day.

For sure, if it wasn’t for those damn mosquitos 😤

Did you enjoy walking barefoot on the moss? Everyone should try it :)

Yes, it’s so soft and nice!

Now I can't stop thinking about mosquitos looking at these

I recall having to photoshop some of them out of the pictures🤦🏼‍♀️

Oooer! Think of all those creepy crawlers

Me included 🤓