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Another skull



another unusual find



another rock on the ground


another picture with Maple Mountain in the background


another GIF

with love for the world


I love this shot:


thanks I was really pleased with this one as well, had to try the monochrome treatment because it felt so classic LOL I am half way considering trying to drag this old bike off the mountain and put it in our yard as a kids toy. It is pretty cool. It isn't super high up the canyon, but it is still probably a half mile from where we were able to park our car.

I fully understand you would like to do that for your kids ... but half a mile is still a way to go with this old bike!!!
And then - totally exhausted - get it into the car.
I think it's wise to leave it where it is :)


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thanks dude, felt like a good time to remind everyone that no matter how bad things get in the crypto world you can still get outside and have awesome days now just like any time :) blaze on

Hell yeah! I'm more happy throwing the votes and stacking curation! Love it!

Why cry when I stack. And Bitcoin free? Sign me up.

Just keep going!!!!!!

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thanks :) Hey I see you posted this from Steeve, I didn't realize that was still up - I always thought it was a cool idea to have AI algorithm layer help with content discovery on top of steem blockchain. Do you use Steeve regularly?

Hi. Yes , I use Steeve daily to post :)

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Cool post @carlgnash, I love to walk in the woods to see what's around. Nice find...and your boys love it too. Nothing like being with daddy on an adventure.

That monochrome shot on the scooter is superlative fine Art photography. From a layout and design standpoint, I'd have led with that image!

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Love the bones, but the find of the old scooter made my day! This post could have been broken up into 3 separate ones!

thanks @thermoplastic :) The find of the old scooter also made my sons' day! They had so much fun pretending to drive it. Pretty random thing to find part way up a mountain, I don't think there is any way it could have driven up there where we found it.

if not driven, who would have carried it? or did aliens sky-drop it? I had seen wrecked cars in some weird way-out places, but never a scooter (bicycles, yes). This one is likely over 50 years old, judging by the design, but I have no idea what brand. Never seen one like that before.