The CreativeCoin airdrop update: Shit ain't workin'

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We are only about halfway through the first airdrop and the script that is used is still having issues. So far only about half of the accounts that are listed has received the drop. There are about 2200 accounts to go.

On the bright side, it's been easier to see who has dumped and who has staked for the second round of air drops. Remember, if you dump your coins, that's it for the airdrops. If you stake, you move on to round 2 and so on.

I'm hoping that the airdrop will resume on Saturday, but at this point I have no real ETA.

Thank you for your patience during this. It's been a bit of a rough go.


Noticed an other strange little hickup, probably not related. Seems #creativecoin posts have more comments when looking at them from than they do from Is this by design?

Anyhow, keep up the good work, I have high hopes for this tribe. If you guys need any Python numpy or async work done, drop me a message, I'd be happy to drop in a few hours.

You @pibara , are the only exception(so far) - pass u are allowed to comment with @swelker101!

 2 years ago 

It's a known bug in the Scot system. I know the devs are aware and hopefully this is resolved soon

Thanks for the update.
All still very exciting.
Just traded for and staked my first CCC's 🚀

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Thank you for a great effort!

Last night, reviewing my Steem Engine account I found in my wallet a generous support of 1,000 CCC. For an artist who tries to survive and live in the difficult conditions of Venezuela, that has been a great thing because part of them I changed to steemp and with them I can buy some potatoes, broccoli... and, of course, some coffee.... Edible art, thus... ;-D

Thank you very much and that becomes many blessings for you ♥♥♥

3 words:
Mercury in retrograde.

(Si, @carrieallen?)

I love how astrology nerdy this response is. :)

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Just wanted to say I really appreciate the 1,000 CCC airdrop. Staked! I'm sure the drop issues will get ironed out soon! I have found Steem Engine and all the new initiatives to be pretty awesome!

Creativity I a way to link people and I think from time to time give evolution of our social skill.
When you are creative for sure you will win some day in one way.

What is the criteria for obtaining the creative coin airdrop? Any unstaking I've done personally has everything to do with despising yet another function of steem dedicated to desktop users.

Sure, one could say be patient and stack the coins but that's a tough sell especially when I see a slew of them.

Perhaps I'm cutting my nose off to spite my face, but steem engine is the worst mobile experience I've ever had period end of story. It can't be made mobile without key chain, also another slap in the face to mobile users. It's difficult to have confidence in communities that are OK building on top of something that was rushed out, I say rushed because it's dumb af making anything that doesn't have mobile design in my mind.

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Actually I only use my Phone on everything steem... I think steem engine is a Great thing and I dont use key chain. I haven't tried it on my laptop so I cant compare but for me it works.

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you know there are people on the platform who do everything using their mobiles and never a word of complaint from them. Maybe you need to find out their methods.

Great a cheerleader

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sure beats being a complainer.

Find me someone that thinks mobile steem is just terrific?!? Are you a mobile only user that spends hours on their phone steeming ? If all I did was complain I'd say perhaps you're right, but that's not the case. Go to steem engine on your phone right now and tell me that's a good look for steem? Go I'll wait.. Furthermore, complaints are warranted when things are less than ideal, and if it displeases you to see your perfect and precious steem criticized why not just admit you wanted to come poke a frustrated steemian because you're bored and have nothing better to contribute. I'd take complaints that are valid over your completely asinine and unfounded statement that doesn't involve you and is just completely fictional..

really... well one who comes immediately to mind who does her Steeming on mobile is @saffisara who does some really great posts. She has access to a laptop but prefers her mobile.

you show up here poking at Shane over what he has no control and don't like getting some push back?

You want to complain about SE .. go to the developers.

have some !SHADE with that whine.

Thanks for white knighting Shane guy, and it wasn't a personal attack on him. It had nothing to do with him or creative coin until he took it that way. My point was I'm sick of seeing devs that caters to desktop users. That's all! Push back I don't care, those devs of SE blame key chain.. It's ridiculous I'm explaining my experience to you as if you'll ever care to see my perspective, you don't ever engage with me or know I exist, we can go back to the way it was before you felt compelled to play the defender of the realm part..

I'll go find your mobile steemian and ask her if she thinks anything can be improved upon and of she spends an hour fumbling through SE on her phone because she is a self masochist..

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hmm nothing to do with Shane other than you chose his post to unload your displeasure on.

Actually, I am well aware of you and have read many of your comments in my travels. My usual lack of response is that your usual comments are so negative and self-centered, why bother.

I guess I kept reading cause at some point I was ever hopeful you might have a good day or two and find something positive in your mindset.

Soo True 😁 Im a Phone steemer... Do everything steem on my Phone as I started here doing it on my Phone.
Have tried on my laptop but I cant do it like I can on my Phone... Guess old habits die Hard 😜 lol

For me this is NO problems and if I hit a obsticle.... I do my best and if it doesn't work... Fine that I need my computer for... But honestly all I need to get things done here... I can make on my Phone 🤗
I love my Phone.... Lol

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Hi skramatters the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit

Yes I do ALL steem posts, comments, transfers... Steemmonsters 😜 lol
Only on my Phone... Done for 2 years now and only tried to steem once on my computer but I suck at it so... Yes Im a Phone steemer 😉👍

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Steem on ⚡🌙️⚡

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I always do 😉👍 have a Great weekend!

I've heard there is actually a mobile keychain coming soon which will hopefully improve the experience, I use mobile a lot myself.

 2 years ago 

Okay, well, you actually are on the list to receive a drop, but I can go ahead and remove that since I have zero control over the mobile aspects of SE. Have a good day.

Why are you taking my legitimate issues personally? I wasn't talking about you or creative coin, it's a steem wide issue that new steem is also ignoring.

You also didn't answer my question, instead you went immediately on the defensive. I get that you're probably frustrated at the moment but being petty towards me for expressing that basically it would suck to discriminate and further alienate the mobile community based on previous staking habits from other communities is over the top.

So, I'm supposed to support creative coin now that you've basically made it clear I'm blacklisted before its launch? That's your right to do so it would be a shame to lash out at frustrated creative minnows in such a manner.

 2 years ago (edited)

It was a bigger shame to come on here and lash out at me for your issues at SE and the mobile experience. Blacklisted? Nope, you're free to use it as you see fit, but when you come on and tell me how much you think the SE platform sucks, why would I think you would be interested. You tell me that the experience that I'm trying to provide is a slap to your face. I will remove that slap so you don't have to worry about it.

Bet! Best wishes bruh!

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:) Good luck

rejoice! ... finally something that isn't Shane's fault.

Maybe I would get included for the airdrop too @swelker101. Just staking all the coins I get for the future. :D

 2 years ago 

Look who's on the list of people waiting for the first round.


Oh wow, thank you very much @swelker101 :D
This is exciting :P

Wat? You stopped?
If u stopped then I walk away and leave u an ur frends alone? (simple as that) Take da deal! ok?
Either way I'm fine with our little arrangement, being blocked 1/24 is ok with me, just your little perm flag thing that bothers me! That was all! Hope ur doing well!
I just checked last post?
Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 7.26.56 PM.png
no need answer, i'll know in 7 days!
I don't see you on the list, however I may just be pre-mature!
I know I'm just jumping "da" gun again!
If I cross u off the list it just gives me more ammunition to concentrate on others like @coffeebuds! lol
Because his ban is worse than yours, his is 100%
I like u better than him!

Nothing good ever works correctly the first time. This includes code, band performances and evidently token deployment. :) keep fighting the good fight!

Very happy to be part of the airdrop. I staked them and I love reading that this means I will also be part of round 2.. what a cool way to do an airdrop!

Flags complements @swelker101!

What's this about?

Go read one of my last posts from 15 hours ago! WTF? Geez - some people have the nerve to not read my blog and expect the world? Cha- as if!
I flag all swelker people for at least 6 more days ok!
You walked right into my trap, hook like an sinker! Thanks for that - more flags on da way!
Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 9.49.55 AM.png #blameshane!

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