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RE: Quick Updates and a Statement That Needs To be made.

in #palnet2 years ago

Hi, I notice uses your tag. The yare trying to set up a circle jerking token sale and I wanted to report them to the modsas I don't see anything creative in their posts at all. They also heavily use bidbots to get posts to trending.
Hope this helps and good luck with the Tribe. As an uncreative bottom feeder and consumer rather than creator, I sadly don't think I will be posting too often here but am holding some staked coins so will be able to hopefully give a few decent upvotes!


Thanks for the comment. We muted them when they first posted using our tag.

As a token holder you can still curate and earn, so you can still add value to the Creative Coin platform and be a valuable member as well.

Thanks @derangedvisions Hope you succeed in keeping it all clean. I have high hopes of your community as being a one stop shop for great content to peruse.
Best wishes to you and you lovely family.

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