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RE: Quick Updates and a Statement That Needs To be made.

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That's the way to do it. It makes for a much more heartening and compelling experience for users. All the reasoning behind bid-bots are bunk.

Great work!


One use case might be considered positive. I used a bid-bot to buy a vote for this post which I immediately fell in love with and felt it deserved much more than my measly goose egg of a vote would provide. I bought it a vote of value and gave it my 0.000 vote as well to show support.

I wonder if the @creativecoin team had thought about making an upvote bot, or maybe a human controlled 'bot' where people could ONLY gift a vote to those they feel are deserving and using the #CCC tag, if it were human controlled they could moderate which votes were legitimate.

Aaaahhh but you see this is the problem.

You felt it was worth more.

But was it? (I'm not judging)

There's a problem with bid bots of the type you describe. Someone would have to subjectively judge the work submitted. Add in the issue of alts and it would just be a nightmare.

Why not let the community decide. If there are no bid bots then the community will

No no, I'm not saying to judge the work submitted, I just mean that votes would be gifted from others but only for posts who use the #CreativeCoin tag, and not just using the tag on a post talking about how to invest with cryptocurrency. The only judging that would be done is what is already done by curators, ensuring the tag is being used on creative works.

And my vote at 100% is literally worth 0.000 STU/ 0.000 anything.. So I threw some Steem at a big bot and the author I gifted received a 1% vote from the bot that was worth 0.03 STU.. if you read the post and the comments on it, you'll see I was quite justified in feeling the post deserved more than my meager 0, and I knew it was justified before gifting the upvote as well.

That's what I'm saying though, having a human-run account running the same as a bid-bot would be ideal. Taking the stigma away from the term 'bid-bot', what we could have is one account in the community with a lot of delegated/powered up SP in order to reward great posts with a powerful upvote if they are using the CCC tag, for example if the author wins first place in an art giveaway hosted by the CreativeCoin founders, and my original idea use case was so that minnows like myself could gift a powerful vote to a beautifully written poem, or wonderfully told prose like the one in my last comment... Having a human curated bid-bot style upvote account, basically. Blah. I can't describe my idea in the best way, but I figured you'd understand what I meant because basically what I was saying was that post I linked to deserved much more attention than it got and for once I was agreeing with the majority, but due to how the mechanics of STEEM are set up it can be hard for smaller creators to get the support they much deserve on this platform.

It can be hard to get the support in Steemit but that's hopeful what the tribes will help. I understand the wanting to gift votes but you would need human interaction same that brings in human judgement.

The Great problem in this platform with initiatives like that is that people attempt to game the system by buying votes for their friends and the like our even their alts.

It would be terribly difficult to police and much simpler to not have them