Quick Updates and a Statement That Needs To be made.

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The team has been hard at work this week at not only curating, but hunting down abuse of the @creativecoin and @sonicgroove tag and I'm as pleased as I can be with the efforts put forth so far.


The response to Creative Coin has been overwhelmingly positive so far, with only a small bit of complaints from people that don't like the idea of having moderated tags. In my mind this is oldsteem thinking. A lack of moderation is one of the biggest issues the Steem platform has, take a look at trending on Steem compared to many of the tribes, and you'll see a big difference in what is being rewarded. Is it perfect? No, not yet. But I believe as more stake spreads to new accounts, we'll see even more diversity in what people are rewarding.

The key word there is people.

So let's back up a bit and let me quickly explain Creativecoin's structure:

Creativecoin is the main account. The umbrella that covers the creative and entertainment areas. It is also the parent of @sonicgroove, which is also owned by @swelker101 and @isara. There will be more niche tribes under the Creativecoin umbrella, but they will be owned by other accounts and people. What that means is that the most of the Creativecoin team will be helping run the smaller niche tribes, but will not have any governmental powers. Creativecoin can help set-up niche tribes that wish to come in under the umbrella. More on that in the near future.

So, with that being said. The next part is only valid for Creativecoin and Sonicgroove as they are the only two that @swelker101 and @isaria own.

We will not run any bid-bots that exchange tokens of any sort in exchange for CCC or SONIC

We have decided that we will not be allowing pay-for-vote bots on the two tribes

This includes many curation accounts that exchange upvotes for payments or delegations. We have already muted several accounts which follow this model, and will be muting others as we find them. We tend to see that these accounts tend to be automated and have zero standards on what they are voting, which in turn makes keeping the tag clean harder for the team.

Bid-bots will be muted immediately as they are found.

In the short term, I assume you'll see some coins being dumped. In the long term, we feel it's best for the platform and that will be reflected in the token value.

We will be sending delegations to some curation groups

We are well aware that there are some curation groups that curate by hand, and do a wonderful job. We are currently working on the best way to implement these possible delegations and will announce the initiatives when they are ready.

I think that just about wraps up this update. Thanks for reading!


Nice to see some integrity being shown within the tribes. I think the whole point of them is to build a “world” you want to see and test different ways to view the content on the chain in filtered ways.

I’m still waiting for those who cry of censorship often to go make their own tribe where they can do whatever they want.. as to me, that’s the beauty of them - customization.

You guys are doing good things and creativecoin is quickly becoming a very great tribe - keep up the good work!

Hallelujah! Hoping more tribe owners read and see this, thanks for publicly confirming what we were all talking about yesterday.

No BOTS, just real content and real Trending.That's what we all want to see.

Yay! This is like a drink of cool water in the desert that the Steem mainchain has become :) Creative Coin is by far my fav tag / tribe and seeing the tribe leaders say the same thing (no bid bots in creative coin / sonic groove) in the Discord yesterday prompted me to transfer another 300 steem into steem-engine and open up more buy orders for CCC :)

Good to hear that you have some principles. We want to see good content rewarded and trending and not the crap that ends up on Steemit trending. I hope you prosper.

I am so glad to be a part of this project. We have been working hard to make sure that the integrity of the project is maintained and that the tag isn't being abused and that the reward pool isn't being abused. There were so many things that people complained about with how Steemit functioned that we are going to try and keep Creative Coin and its sub-tribes free of.

Wow, it's really nice to see this happening! And you're exactly right, "old Steem" ended up where it is because of the almost rabid attachment to so-called "freedom," which clearly extended itself to the freedom to ABUSE a system.

I'm really glad to see some human interaction here; it gives me hope that maybe some of the tribes will end up serving as alternative and more "honest" ways for people focus on actual content creation rather than gimmickry to extract a few extra fractions of a cent from the environment.

Bright Blessings!

I don't think old Steem suffered its abuse because of a rabid attachment to freedom, but rather because of its size and its central planning (despite all the "decentralized" claims to the contrary). The tribes that are now emerging are to be expected, the natural evolutionary response as the bloated platform of Steemit splits into smaller, self-regulated patches. Stuart Kauffman (at the Santa Fe Institute) showed the flow success of this structure in his NK computer models. I wish I had time to go into that in more detail, but I'm on the road right now. But if anyone is interested in that, you can learn more in Kauffman's book "At Home in the Universe."

No bid bots. Excellent. Fully approve. HOPEFULLY, this doesn't mean that ARTWORK made by robots will be restricted. (I would hate for my electronic friends to feel discriminated against here, like they always are at the Mos Eisley Cantina.) But seriously (as difficult as it is for me to be serious) no bid bots or pay-for-vote schemes is perfect!

8I'm a little confused at the wording of this.

Does this mean that if one of my posts are upvoted via a curation trail or by an account I delegate to, that I will be downvoted and muted?

 4 years ago 

No, it means that certain accounts will be muted on the CCC or Sonic side. Account A says delegate to my account and I'll upvote jgv with X% for life! Account A will be muted and jgv continues on making music and whatnots. :)

Ok, thank you for the clarification.

Yes yes yes @creativecoin

You are ticking all the boxes to show integrity in a space where it's so easy to be pulled into the false economy of vote buying/selling.

No bidbots! Excellent.

Actively blocking/muting those accounts who run these 'so called' services! Excellent.

Delegating to curation guilds that manually curate! Excellent.

The way you've chose to run this community gives me hope that steem can improve, where I had little previously. Hats off to all of you for resisting the pull of short term growth and greed, over the potential for true long term value 🙂


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Great stuff! Both CreativeCoin and SonicGroove are my goto tribes for finding great content at the moment.

I'm liking creativecoin for real and the direction you're heading. Fantastic work!

This is why CreativeCoin is one of my favorite Tribes.

In addition, I believe this tribe would have an easy time recruiting mainstream users. There are creatives everywhere and with proper moderation, I can see them being highly interested in joining and participating!

Well done Isaria and Shane.

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this is nice, very nice idea about creating. This is what it means to be creative. It's good that your tribe name wanted also to be like that.

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That's the way to do it. It makes for a much more heartening and compelling experience for users. All the reasoning behind bid-bots are bunk.

Great work!

One use case might be considered positive. I used a bid-bot to buy a vote for this post which I immediately fell in love with and felt it deserved much more than my measly goose egg of a vote would provide. I bought it a vote of value and gave it my 0.000 vote as well to show support.

I wonder if the @creativecoin team had thought about making an upvote bot, or maybe a human controlled 'bot' where people could ONLY gift a vote to those they feel are deserving and using the #CCC tag, if it were human controlled they could moderate which votes were legitimate.

Aaaahhh but you see this is the problem.

You felt it was worth more.

But was it? (I'm not judging)

There's a problem with bid bots of the type you describe. Someone would have to subjectively judge the work submitted. Add in the issue of alts and it would just be a nightmare.

Why not let the community decide. If there are no bid bots then the community will

No no, I'm not saying to judge the work submitted, I just mean that votes would be gifted from others but only for posts who use the #CreativeCoin tag, and not just using the tag on a post talking about how to invest with cryptocurrency. The only judging that would be done is what is already done by curators, ensuring the tag is being used on creative works.

And my vote at 100% is literally worth 0.000 STU/ 0.000 anything.. So I threw some Steem at a big bot and the author I gifted received a 1% vote from the bot that was worth 0.03 STU.. if you read the post and the comments on it, you'll see I was quite justified in feeling the post deserved more than my meager 0, and I knew it was justified before gifting the upvote as well.

That's what I'm saying though, having a human-run account running the same as a bid-bot would be ideal. Taking the stigma away from the term 'bid-bot', what we could have is one account in the community with a lot of delegated/powered up SP in order to reward great posts with a powerful upvote if they are using the CCC tag, for example if the author wins first place in an art giveaway hosted by the CreativeCoin founders, and my original idea use case was so that minnows like myself could gift a powerful vote to a beautifully written poem, or wonderfully told prose like the one in my last comment... Having a human curated bid-bot style upvote account, basically. Blah. I can't describe my idea in the best way, but I figured you'd understand what I meant because basically what I was saying was that post I linked to deserved much more attention than it got and for once I was agreeing with the majority, but due to how the mechanics of STEEM are set up it can be hard for smaller creators to get the support they much deserve on this platform.

It can be hard to get the support in Steemit but that's hopeful what the tribes will help. I understand the wanting to gift votes but you would need human interaction same that brings in human judgement.

The Great problem in this platform with initiatives like that is that people attempt to game the system by buying votes for their friends and the like our even their alts.

It would be terribly difficult to police and much simpler to not have them

I think this is great news. A lot of hard work for you guys, which I for one completely appreciate. Straightforward and honest, I love it.!

We have decided that we will not be allowing pay-for-vote bots on the two tribes

I commend you on this decision. Thank you.

What does the "Mute" means? Does it mean that the account will not get visible or totally invisible for others to see in the tribe?

Steempeak.com allows you to select the option of using an author's mute list, which means you would not see comments in the author's feed of those who have been muted. Well, you would see the comment 'disabled' with the option to click a link before viewing it.

Otherwise, if you do not use SteemPeak or don't have that option enabled, muting is a personal preference; if you mute someone you would not see their posts or comments in your own feed.

How it relates to the tribe is that those people who are muted will not receive rewards because the #creativecoin curators will have them muted.

This is music to my ears! (did you see what I did there)

Keep up the great work creative people!

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Keep the garbage out.

This is NewSteem

Hi, I notice @the.circle uses your tag. The yare trying to set up a circle jerking token sale and I wanted to report them to the modsas I don't see anything creative in their posts at all. They also heavily use bidbots to get posts to trending.
Hope this helps and good luck with the Tribe. As an uncreative bottom feeder and consumer rather than creator, I sadly don't think I will be posting too often here but am holding some staked coins so will be able to hopefully give a few decent upvotes!

Thanks for the comment. We muted them when they first posted using our tag.

As a token holder you can still curate and earn, so you can still add value to the Creative Coin platform and be a valuable member as well.

Thanks @derangedvisions Hope you succeed in keeping it all clean. I have high hopes of your community as being a one stop shop for great content to peruse.
Best wishes to you and you lovely family.

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Hey @creativecoin would like to have a chat , please direct me to your discord :)

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The difference between trendings page are huge. Now I see good posts on it 😊
I like this tribe. Can anyone kindly give me the Discord server link?

Thank you @isaria and @swelker101 for this beatiful tribe.

Keep up the great work @isaria and @swelker101 I am really loving @creativecoin tag, its all ready becoming a fantastic Tribe! I totally agree with you about the Bots and im really glad to see that many of the new Tribes are doing a great job at taking care of this right away and the abusers. Love the update, upped 💯 and resteemed!👍👍👍

I think these are great ideas, let's see how they work out, probably Steemit should have done that a long time ago. I don't really use the CCC tag as I don't think I am much of a creative person but after the airdrop which I sold I have been staking whatever I get so I guess my creativecoin stake will grow, very slowly but surely.

I love this tribe, I am really in love with this project, for which I have invested and I have made short and long term goals. I define it in 3 phases the first is to reach 15k ccc, the second 50k and the final mission is 100k, I am a small fish in steemit, but this project has allowed me to help very talented people, there are few Spanish speaking communities that are supported under the ccc token. From what you can see I have a real commitment that I imposed on myself. A little help from you would be great some delegation you could do for me. More information in this post.


I already have almost 8k of ccc in stake and I'm getting to the first phase and I'm very happy. :)

This is a nice platform for beautiful pictures. Ever since our daughter set this up for us to enjoy beautiful pictures and pick 10 (or less) our favourites to support them.

Very impressive that you as a huge team are doing the same.

Best wishes
Philip & Rene

Thanks for the update and it's great to see so much progress being made.

I want to be transparent and ask you about our two accounts that are set up to help musicians: @musicvoter and @musicvoter2.

The first is a pure curation trail that is used to support musicians however anyone can join it and we do not manually check that posts are music related as there is no way to do this. I did put in a suggestion last year that Steem Auto allow keywords/tags so that a curation trail would only upvote posts that contain one or more but I didn't get a response. I do however manually check all accounts that are added to the fanbase to make sure they are legitimate musicians or music fans with high quality posts.

So I have been staking all coins on @MusicVoter to help people that join and I want to check that that was OK?

The @MusicVoter2 account is for people to use the ATOM tokens they earn while listening to music on AtomCollectorRecords.com to request an upvote (1 ATOM = 1%). Every upvote is manually checked for quality and music related content.

Please let me know if I need to do anything.

Thank you!

@creativecoin, Good job team and without any doubt Organic Growth and Visibility is really important and it will add true value to this Tribe and most importantly content creators who are putting real efforts will receive deserving returns.

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Good morning @creativecoin

We have been enjoying your content the last 1 week, but we just noticed that we cannot collect our pending at wallet today.

We tried many times it stays there.

Please help

Best wishes,

Hi, it's been 9 days since the tag stopped working for me, my posts don't appear on my blog at www.creativecoin.xyz, although I keep using the tag, apparently I haven't received the CCC rewards from the last 9 posts either, can you explain why?