My Random thoughts 1

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Lifes Trajectory is Age increase while strenth decrease.

A man's year is 70 or 80 if he has special mightness so said the psalmist.

Life is meant to be enjoyed but now we go through pain with a touch of enjoyment.

We strive to be better yet we grow worse on our everyday greed.

It doesn't belong to man to direct hist steps(Jeremiah 10:23) yet a man wants to direct the steps of all men.

Mankind has dominated it's self towards injury and ruin (psalmists) yet we keep getting promises of a better tomorrow.

The heaven is my abode but the earth I have given to the sun's of men(psalm 104) how come we all still wants to go to heaven.

For Flesh and blood cannot see God (John) yet we Dont want to die but heaven is the goal... Lol.

I was just thinking aloud some bible citations and decide to let everyone in on my thoughts. You could guess the exact portions of each quote and get 100percent upvote from me.

Let's also hear some of your thoughts too.