[CR] ArtVenture contest- "Iron Man"

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My second entry for the Art-Venture traditional Art contest.
The theme of this week is “Action character”.'

I drawed action character "Iron Man"
Iron Man - the cult superhero in the Marvel universe.

Tony’s character is unbearable - he is a spoiled, selfish and even capricious rich man who is used to thinking of himself.
He has an excellent sense of humor, however, he often cannot refrain from taunt at others.
However, he has a kind heart and he is able to feel a sense of guilt, although he does not like to admit this to others or to himself.
An interesting fact is that the basis of Iron Man was taken by an eccentric American millionaire, inventor and industrialist Howard Hughes, distinguished by adventurism and brave.
Photos of the drawing process:


Hope you like my work!
Thank you for wathing!


Thank you Tais, that is a great character, during last few years there were so many movies created about the development of the character so that it became definitive part of Marvel family. Beautiful mask and I like that golden touch you have managed to create with the yellow, red and touch of green. Nice work!

Great picture of Iron Man! It is so detailed

Thank you so much!

A very good drawing of Iron Man, @sweettais ! He certainly is an action character, for sure !

Thank you!

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Хелезный человек - настоящий герой. Всё считали его законченным эгоистом, а он взял и принёс себя в жертву ради всех... Хороший рисунок )

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