The Brown Lady is ready to dry (oil on paper)

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Yesterday I started a new artwork of a brown Lady and this morning I finished it, so I can show you the final result. ^_^

This week is the hottest week of the Summer in the area where I live and so I'm working very slow and just on simple subjects, because I don't have enough energy to work on something bigger or complex. Some days ago I painted a similar Lady in yellow colors, so I thought it culd be a nice idea to work on similar portraits in different colors (I think the next will be in black).

It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size and now it's drying, but I'm happy to say you that this morning I received a good new from a local artist that I love: I have to work on some little figures to add on a art book he'll made in the the nex November! In the same art book there will be also some figures by my hubby @paolobeneforti and this will be the first time we'll work together in a single project! Stay tuned to see how we'll work on thee new tiny figures in the next months!

See ya soon,


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti

Oh, she is lovely ! I like the rich and chocolatey brown you used here, Silvia :) It gives her a very natural beauty feeling, a woman who is connected to the Earth <3

It's one of my favorite shade of brown (and yes, I like it because it reminds me the color of chocolate ^_^) .

lovely painting , <3

Thanks ^_^

Your Brown lady has the look of a Medici to me. Something in the eyes maybe. Quite a cold stare.

I think the history of my region sometimes has some effects n my art ^_^

I curated your post for CCC!
I will share your link in my curation post soon!

Thanks ♥️

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Thanks so much ♥️

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