Isla de Ensueño · Acrylic on wooden board

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Isla de Ensueño

Acrílica sobre madera
122 x 44 cm.
Santa Cruz de La Palma

Publicación de esta obra en mi página web.

En la mirada de un isleño siempre está el mar

Hola amigos,
En esta ocasión me gustaría compartir una obra realizada en 2007 con pintura acrílica sobre tabla de madera. Es de tamaño mediano con 122 cm. de ancho.

Amo el surrealismo e intenté pintar algo con la temática de lo irreal mezclado son el realismo. Como soy un isleño, traté de pintar mi isla pero formada con cuerpos de mujeres entralazados en uno solo. La parte realista corresponde al mar que rodea la isla en el que traté de pintarlo lo más fiel a la realidad posible. Realmente disfruté mucho relizando esta obra, que logré vender a un comprador que lo regaló como regalo de bodas.

Espero que os guste tanto como a mí, ya que me parece que es una de mis mejores obras con esta técnica.

Como pensamiento extra me gustaría decir que es una pena que es estos tiempos sea tan difícil vivir del arte. Es por ello que no he podido dedicar tanto tiempo a desarrollar mis habilidades pictóricas tanto como me huviera gustado. Ahora mismo dedico la mayor parte de mi tiempo al desarrollo de páginas web, que es una fuenta relativamente estable de dinero.

Un abrazo a todos

Publicación de esta obra en mi página web.

In the gaze of an islander there is always the sea

Hello friends,
On this occasion, I would like to share a work made in 2007 with acrylic paint on a wooden board. It is medium in size with 122 cm. wide.

I love surrealism and tried to paint something with the theme of the unreal mixed are realism. As I am an islander, I tried to paint my island but formed with bodies of women entwined in one. The realistic part corresponds to the sea that surrounds the island where I tried to paint it as faithful to the reality as possible. I really enjoyed performing this work, which I managed to sell to a buyer who gave it as a wedding gift.

I hope you like it as much as I do since it seems to me that it is one of my best works with this technique.

As an extra thought, I would like to say that it is a shame that it is these times that it is so difficult to live from art. That is why I have not been able to spend as much time developing my pictorial skills as much as I liked. Right now I dedicate most of my time to the development of web pages, which is a relatively stable money account.

A hug to all,

Dream Island

Acrylic on wood
122 x 44 cm.
Santa Cruz de La Palma

This painting post in my website.


Copyright: Javier Sebastian, Canary Islands. All my images are original.
If you want to buy any of my visuals, please drop me a message, I'm on Discord: JavierSebastian#5816

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Being a photographer I cant discuss much actual painting technique, I simply do not understand this matter. But in respect of visual part this artwork is just stunning. The idea to combine island and female body is just deep and excellent. very well performed with deep mixture of saturated green and blue - earth and sea. Pretty interesting image deformation in fish-eye style brings some dynamic adding to moving clouds in the skies and waves patterns
Simply excellent!

Thank you so much for your words, @axeman. I am very happy that a great photographer like you liked my work. I just feel so proud. :)

Cmon.. I'm just normal Human as You :D

Yes, of course. ;) Simply I have seen you have a great photography portfolio and surely you are a well-known artist in your country.

I mean your opinion is important to me @axeman. Thanks, again.

Beautiful surreal art @javiersebastian And the lighting is great !
[nTOPAZ curator]

Thank you so much for your words. :)

You're welcome @javiersebastian Looking forward to seeing your next posts on nTOPAZ :-)

Great Artwork!!! 😀 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

[nTopaz Curator]

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Thank you @meloo182. I'm glad you like it. Regards!

Que hermoso se ve, con una atmósfera sublime, mística, cada detalle es agradable para mis jojos <3

[nTopaz Curator]

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Qué bonitas palabras para describir la obra. Estoy alucinando con la buena aceptación que está teniendo. Gracias!!

<3 muy buena en serio, bravo!

Gracias :)

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That’s a very nice painting! 👍🏻🙂

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Thank you, @saboin. I'm glad you like it. :)


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