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Lieutenant Anthony Rafalski's frustration and disappointment was apparent to everyone. In the mess hall, the men drank and socialized, while the Lieutenant moved from table to table trying to get the crowd worked up again. It was pointless, though, the men would not dare send an Attack Mission to a planet that was hosting their Admiral and Vice Admiral. Realizing he had been outmaneuvered, the Lieutenant retreated to the bar for a couple of rounds of beer, to blow off some steam.

Meanwhile, on Starbase P2...


Jack Steel, and his Vice Admiral Johnathan Maxwell, landed their Destroyer Rockets, and were met by a line of armed guards. They had come unannounced, and uninvited, so it was only natural that they would be taken into custody. For some reason, however, the guards already knew who they were. The two men were placed in restraints, and escorted into the main building. Along the way, Mr. Steel and the Vice Admiral were separated, and taken down different corridors. Jack began to feel nervous; something wasn't right!

  • Jack Steel! The infamous Mutiny Man!

You must be The Cryptoriddler?! Why have you separated me from my Vice Admiral?

  • You have a lot of nerve coming here uninvited, Mr. Steel. You do realize that what you have done is a declaration of war! Were it not for the fact that I have more important matters to address, I would have already sent my fleet to pulverize your Genesis Starbases!

It's Admiral Steel! And I haven't come here to fight!

  • Admiral?! Don't make me laugh! You barely have 1,300 ships, and you want me to call you Admiral! What hubris! I have nearly 16,000 ships young man, and they're not Scouts!

Okay, listen, you're right. Just call me Mr. Steel, and let me explain what happened...

  • I'm not interested in your explanations, Jacky Boy, I'm interested in collecting a nice ransom for my two very rare prisoners!

What?! Ransom?! No one's hunting me!

  • Oh how naive you are, Mutiny Man! Do you realize the trouble you've caused by declassifying the Project NextColony files! Many of the clan leaders wanted that information to remain under lock and key; but noooo, Mutiny Man thought he was being a hero! "The people must know the truth!" is your pathetic excuse! You have no idea what is really going on, do you?!

Apparently, I don't; otherwise, I wouldn't be in this ordeal!

  • Finally, some humility. You ought to be thanking me that I'm keeping you and Johnny Boy alive. I have neither the time, nor the patience for the petty skirmishes that I've had to deal with, with you Genesis runts! GUARDS, LOCK HIM UP!!!

Jack tried to make a run for it, but the restraints made it impossible to outrun the guards. He was shot with a stun-gun, and carted off like captured prey.

As he regained his senses, Jack found himself in a cell with a transparent force-field before him. He tried to call out to Maxwell, but heard only the responses of other prisoners taunting and threatening him. Incredulous of the situation, the tired Mr. Steel sat on his prison bed, hands on his head, wondering what the hell he was going to do now. The plan had failed; and things were evidently about to get worse for the Genesis Starfleet!

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