Move over Catsmakekittens -- make way for Steem City. The unofficial announcement.

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Hi folks! It's about time I started writing again. Today I have four pieces to write. Crazy, huh? Three on here, and one for a publication. 

Anyway, on with the show.

Introducing Steem City.

Steem City is a project much like the Catsmakekittens project in the sense that you would buy a certain number of tokens (nft's) and in return you would get a similar token. But it's far more groundbreaking and way deeper than this.

You see, initially you will buy base city cards for a certain number of steem. When bought, they will open in the same way that your purchases on steemmonsters happen. You don't know what you will get until you get it. So essentially buying several Steem City cards would be like opening an untamed pack in steemmonsters -- it's random.

As you buy more cards, your number of buildings & rankings will grow higher which will enable you to grab more of the daily prize pool. We are paid in SIM -- which we can buy/sell on the Market, or use to buy more cards with.

What types of City Cards are available?

So far, right now I think there's around 16-18 city cards you can get with your purchase, levelling from common to ultra rare. You can expect to find cards like Factory, Airport, Police Station, Weed Dispensary and so on. For every card you purchase, it opens a different selection. Beware though, you will need workers, and you can only fill your places up with workers if you have home cards.

That's great and all but doesn't that make the inflation sky high?

Actually, no. I've already spent 100 steemp and I'm looking at 5 days until I can buy another card. And there are cards that will influence you negatively, such as Garbage Dumps, homeless and immigrants. Of course this is just the beginning though, we DO plan to have a use for the negative ratings cards -- in some instances (with the proper setup) you will be impacted positively.

There will also be a daily prize pool. So for instance, a certain amount of SIM & Steem will be put into the reward pool depending how many active members and card buyers we've had on that day, and the rewards will be distributed according to level. So you may find your rewards going down and up depending on how many active players there are.

That's awesome. But.. what am I going to do with these cards? Seems boring just, well, having them, doing nothing.

Well, that's the beautiful thing. We have lots and lots of developments coming. LOTS. We want to get you all nice and settled in. Buy some base buildings, get the feeling of the game. You need to start somewhere, right? Once we have a good base of players then we're going to introduce new cards which will bring with them a whole new level of influence, statistics, and on occasion, negative impact. We're keeping the details under wraps for now. We want you to just get settled in and get all excited like we are.

I'll give you a hint. Imagine you had control over an entire city. Imagine you were the mayor, or a politician, or whatever it is in your country -- think of what control, power and the level of negotiation you would need to integrate with your own city, and the cities around you. Imagine what possibilities there are for you. I'll leave you with that thought.

Fantastic. How do I buy in?

Ok, send 2 steemp to @steemcitysim and within 3 seconds you'll have a city and have opened your first card. It's rather rudimentary right now, and only has a discord bot interface to see your openings and to interact with the interface, but we have a website in development. That's all in the upcoming weeks/months.

The maximum you can send @steemcitysim is 20 steem for a maximum of 10 cards. That's not to say that you can't send 20 steem 5 times. You can certainly do that. Or 1000 times. Up to you!

To interact with the game you need to be on our discord server for the moment, which is here: and you can interact with the bot like such -- go to #bot-commands and type ^city [yourusername]

So if it were me I would type ^city raymondspeaks

After I've done that it would tell me my income, popularity and list all the types of buildings I have. Like I say, rather basic but the setup is rudimentary as the website and other things are in development.

You can buy/sell on an open exchange

Yup, just like any project you can buy/sell your wares here:  

Price will be going up sharpish

Game is gathering some popularity through absolutely no promotion at all. In a discord of around 8-9 people we've spent quite a bit of steem already (in only one day, yes, one day!!) building up our cities.

Right now the available pool for 2 steem buys is 1900, and that is decreasing rapidly. Once the 1900 is bought up then the price will rise. Of course this will go up on an uphill sliding scale as there are more buys, and more players.

Also, good news, this whole project is entirely automated and is working perfectly.

Why you, @raymondspeaks? Why are you unofficially announcing it?

Okay, so first off, I am on the core team in this project. Unlike other projects that I have written about where I can't answer any of your questions and I've directed you elsewhere, this one I absolutely can. Just don't ask me any hard maths or dev questions -- I'll probably redirect you to someone more qualified.

Excited like I am?

Join us...

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I sent 2 steem and got a prompt refund, if you have time to respond, I sure would appreciate it!

Hey @metzli - it now costs 4 steem :)

I'd strongly recommend joining the discord. It's active and you'll get a better idea of what's happening :)

Not yet sure what I am doing, or supposed to do but I'm in! I do have a daughter who is WAY into the SIMS video game though so I'll probably be enlisting her help. ;)

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It's LOTS of fun :)

Yeah it is!! Hey, you know where I can get a steem sign on the cheap?

No :P

Sounds interesting.

Come in, join us my man :) - ah, you're already in lol

Great post @raymondspeaks

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Thank you sir :)

Thank you for supporting @CatsMakeKittens by being a part of our community @raymondspeaks.

Each CATS you purchase gets you daily upvotes from me @CatScientist as our community grows so do your rewards for being a member!


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Sounds interesting. What is happening with @catsmakekittens? Is it officially dead?

It's still going - but the inflation is seriously high and dragging the cost down

Oh yeah - I'm in the game !!!

Welcome :)

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