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450 (four five zero) - adjective. It's used by military in the meaning "everything is fine" or "everything is calm".


Yes, I know that's not the case now. Or...? Nick and I look happy in the photo. There are no shells exploding around us, and the sky is not covered with smoke. We are not hungry, not thirsty, not wounded, our cloth a clean. And we are together.

These photos were taken by my new friend. I first met her and her husband as a volunteer in the first days of the war. A photo of us with Nick together was requested by his mother as a gift for her birthday. This is a very unusual request, but it can be understood. She has 2 sons, both of them are currently in the Armed Forces. No wonder she misses them and worries about them. Although she is a strong woman, and does not show her feelings.

They celebrated yesterday, on Saturday, and all family came to her place. Only Nick (and I) couldn't make it, Nick wasn't allowed to leave the service. But we're going to pay her a visit today. It will be a #SublimeSunday and #BeautifulSunday indeed! Every chance to get outside the city is wonderful!

I gonna buy flowers for her, because every woman love flowers. I don't want to buy roses, I would like to find something more simple and sincere, maybe peonies, or hyacinths... We'll see.


Yesterday I printed the photo and bought a wooden frame for it. I couldn't choose one and printed two, I picked those in which we are smiling and happy, the photo that definitely makes you smile when you look at it.

Everything will be 450.


💪 :)


You guys are looking great considering what you have been through this year. Keep on smiling because that will make you stronger!!

And 450 of course!


I see you're presenting at Hivefest!! Are you going to Amsterdam or via virtual?

I'm going!!! My first HiveFest 💓💓💓
I'm very excited and a little scared 😬☺

What about you? Are you going?

That's brilliant news!! I'm 90% going, now 95%!!

I SO MUCH want to meet you in person! 🥰 How can I add the last 5%? 🧚‍♂️

Oh God! I'm so happy to see you two together, healthy, apparently happy, even if it is for the photo. I see you both have lost weight, but it's ok.

This is your gift to me as well, so thank you! 🤗♥️

You're right, and it turned out to be a gift and memories for me as well. I didn't thing I'd be so ... excited, when she (the photographer) sent me photos. It probably already sounds trite, because everyone repeats it, but really the value of every moment of life has changed.

Beautiful pictures! I know his mom is loving the picture but better for the two of you standing in front of her. The best gift ever! You have lost weight and so has Nick, but you look good. I hope you feel as good as you look!

The photo definitely made me smile when I saw it two days ago. I can't believe it took me this long to get back to it.

I am so happy to hear you are going to the Hive Fest in person! :)) Little surprises make big smiles.

Yes!!! Definitely will be 450.

We used to have digital pictures in our archives, on drives... But old-fashioned printed photos make us feel like those people in it are here with us in this moment...

Speaking about the weight, thank you, dear, it's nice to hear that. The funny thing is I struggled with it more than a year, while wanted not much, just to loose 2 or 3 kg. "Be careful with your wishes"... Now I know that I need just less amount food, that's it. Nat can't believe it as she eats alot, and remains skinny. 😁

I am so happy to hear you are going to the Hive Fest in person! :))

This will be my first Hive/Steem Fest and a big deal. Hopefully, I'll do good.

Your comment is always a sunbeam in my day, no matter when you drop it 🌞💗 Thank you!


Nat is young! I can bet that you were a skinny little girl too! I never gained any weight until a few years ago and now I struggle for those few pounds. I hear your wishes! I will be quiet!

I truly am excited for you! I have never been to any of the Hive/Steem Fests so yes! It would be a big deal for me! You will do great! I have faith in you.

Awwww! That is so sweet of you to say. I had a pipe burst and a small tsunami in my house which was weeks ago. Still being repaired. So, no time on here, but, catching up@ (small compared to your life) ❤️

I try to keep it brief as I know you have so much going on, but, just wanted to reach out and touch you for a moment. Love to you.

So sorry to hear about the pipe burst, I hope it didn't cause a serious damage, and repair will fix everything. You must be really busy these days.

Hive Fest... I wish it could be just a fest, a fun event, an occasion to meet in person with great people I met on Hive. But now it's my tiny contribution to the struggle against the war, and help for my country. I think of it every single day... Today's morning I realized that August and September will be months of worsening, and my biggest fear is that I'll leave and will not be able to return. Although, my brain says that's improbable.

Thank so so much for you are here, dear Denise. Love!

Nooo! I agree it is improbable. It is quite an honor to be a speaker. It shows what an impact your posts have been making. Of course, I wish it were because of other reasons, not war. But, I must say that I look for everyone, to keep updated on life. Many do. Thank you for putting forth the effort.

The pipe bursting is a small thing compared to your life, it is the worst of my day... how can I really complain?

I admire your strength and your ability to still reach out no matter how good or bad your life is at the moment. You could be a true correspondent for a news agency. Your focus is different and more humanizing. It is how your heart works.

Thank you again. Always.

The pipe bursting is a small thing compared to your life, it is the worst of my day... how can I really complain?

This is not the case. You are my friend, and I care for you. If it's important to you, it's important to me. We shouldn't compare. Besides, for me, this is an anchor, a piece of a normal life, the life I will return to one day 😇 I remember one joke. When the shock of the first days passed, we had a lot of jokes about the war, a kind of anti-stress. "Where can I read the latest news about covid? I want to rest a little" 😉

Haha! I understand. This is why you are so loved. 😍

😉 😇 🤗

Thank you for the LUV!

Lovely photos of you both. Hope you enjoy Hivefest! ❤

Thank you! 🧡 It will be a major event in my life.

Love the 450 and yes indeed everything will be 450. The photo made me smile and everyone surely, it's full of love. God bless you both.

Thank you for good words, dear @tiredmomma 💙💛

Бажаю вам обом 450 днів щастя й посмішок.

Дякую! 💙💛

I'm glad you are both still well ♥️ Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Thank you, @wrestlingdesires 💙

Great to see a obit of you both together. None of us can understand the situation but great to see you keeping spirits high.

What wonderful and special photos! You look perfect together! 😊

Thank you, dear 🧡
I like the idea, and now I'm going to send a printed photo for my mom too.

keep smiling even in tough times

Didn't know 450 means something in the military. Learned something new today.

Great picture by the way 😍

#Everthing will be 450

This is military slang. Before Russia brought war to our land, we had no idea about what is it and were quite happy. Although, 200 means "killed", 300 - "injured".😒 I wish you to learn such things only by chance and never need them ❤️

I'm glad to hear you like the picture :) Thank you!

450 is good then. I was just curious about that since most of us here have to serve in the military.
I went to search online but cannot seem to find anything about it.

Well, here we use it. Probably, it's local, I'm not sure as I am not a military person... But you definitely have cargo 200, or 200, same here.
450 is much better ))

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Thanks for the pizza, dear pix! Yummy ;o)


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Most welcome, take care!

Great picture ❤️

Thank you 😇

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You look happy together!

Yes, we do 🥰
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Of course 450😜!!!