'Meantone' - New Original Music - Another Random Weird Idea - Electronuc/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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So this started as an experiment

Tracks 7 and 8 Panned Random Sounds
with PianoTeq's various tunings and temperaments, which actually wound up being a kind of cool idea. First off, the session is in 7/8, though initially, when just the piano plays at the start, you definitely can't feel that. Track 1 is the PianoTeq demo, which plays the chord line pictured below, uses the 'Just Intonation' temperament; originally, I had used one of the mean tone tunings, hence the song title, but I changed it, so title is a bit random now, haha. The audio from the piano is recorded into Track 3, with a Thermal distortion/effect added to it. Track 2 provides a super simple bass line, although I did find a nice bass synth sound for it, which I've added to my favorites in the ROLI library to revisit later. Track 4 is the drums, which use the CR-78 kit included in Native Instruments Komplete Start package, and plays a pretty simple beat, initially just kicks and snares, then some hats and toms are added. There is a Thermal distortion added to this too, giving it a much more interesting sound. Track 5 is the same kit, but just kicks, which is used for some sidechain compression on the bass and for the track recorded to audio in Track 6, although the track itself stays muted. Track 6 was the same chords as Track 1/3, but with heavy sidechain compression, so it cuts out and and swells back in; I also pushed the audio clip up an octave to get a little more warbly weirdness out of it. Finally, we have Tracks 7 and 8, which add some more weirdness out on the edges. I like this idea, and I think I'll keep playing with it and see what happens; I need the heavier drums to continue for longer, that was actually unintentional here, as I must have pasted the snare/kick only beat in the wrong spot.

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Track 1, PianoTeq Chords, Audio in Track 3

Listen to Meantone here...