'LabB' - New Original Music - Another Random Idea - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This was another random late night

Track 3, Twinkly Synth
thing, and mostly is sorta 'meh', but, there are a few things I do really like, so I'm going to take those and build a new idea around that. Tracks 1 and 2 both provide the chords, pictured below. I realized that like, 90% of the song I had written recently were in Dmin, so I decided to go with Bbmin here, lol. I do notice that when I force myself to get away from keys I 'know' better, I stumble upon cooler stuff as I can't just rely on the easy shapes I know. I don't really like the B part (Neon Green in Tracks 1 and 2), but the A part is cool, and when Track 6 comes in, the super distorted, buzzy bass, I particularly like it I was thinking of deleting everything else around that, and just starting fresh with Tracks 1 and 2, and Track 6. I love the timbre difference between the chords and that aggressive bass... I was thinking maybe it would slowly fade in, and everything would get more and more intense and distorted, possibly throwing on some Thermal effects on the chords and have those fade in in intensity too. We'll see, I'll play around with it.

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Tracks 1 and 2, Chords

Listen to LabB here...

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Distorted Bass, Track 6

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