'Kontakts' - New Original Music - Playing w/ Various Presets in 'Hybrid Keys' -

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I didn't wind up doing anything

Tracks 3 and 4
particularly cool with yesterday's idea, at least not enough to justify a full post, so I figured I'd share one of these random, sort of mediocre ideas, as I think its a good representation of what happens probably 75% of the time, haha. I started with Track 2, which uses the Hybrid Keys instrument pack, and a pretty cool distorted keyboard. Honestly, the idea here isn't great, even though I love the timbre of this instrument, but maybe it could become something cooler, if I spent some time playing with it. I just sort of added other random tracks, all of which use other Hybrid Key presets, hoping I'd find something cool to use, but it sort of just became a little more boring with each addition, haha. The basic progression goes from Db to Dbmin, to Gb, to Ab, Ebmin, then Gb, Ab and back to the top. I do like the instruments in 'Hybrid Keys' overall; I got lucky and found a random promo where you could get the full version of the pack (the smaller version is available for free through Native Instruments Komplete Start package) entirely for free, so I'm always trying to find ways to use them... I'll play with this some more, and see if it can go anywhere cool, if not, its off the next idea!

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Tracks 1 and 2, Various 'Hybrid Keys'

Listen to Kontakts here...