'Ghastle' - New Original Music - Just a Compilation of Dark/Creepy Sounds from the Ashlight Demo -Electronic/Instrumental

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This started with me just scrolling through

Tracks 9 and 10, Some of the only MIDI instruments left over
all the various presets within the Native Instruments demo plug-in, Ashlight. The plug-in runs just like the full version, but with a 30 minute timer, which requires you to reload the plug-in in that track, and lose any changes/tweaks to the parameters. Since I was just scrolling through presets, it was less of a big deal, but still I decided to just record anything cool I found/played to audio, hence the tons of audio tracks here, specifically Tracks 1 through 8. Sort of by accident, I wound up with a bit of a flow, and decided to repeat that 3x at the beginning, then two more times, but with everything pitched down 2 whole steps, before repeating the original version at the end. There are 3 MIDI instruments left here, Tracks 9, 10 and 11, all of which uses various ROLI sounds, mostly of the FX variety, to add to the general soundscapey weirdness. I think, if I removed the ROLI snare/clave thing in Track 10, and found some other percussive elements, this might begin to turn into a more solidied idea, so I'll play around with it, and see if I can't find a way to make it feel like a more complete song.

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Polyverse's Wider Plug-In (Totally Free)

Listen to Ghastle here...

Hope you enjoy!

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