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Greetings, adventurers!

Welcome to this worldbuilding post that has to do with role-playing games, world design, map drawing, imagination.

What you see is a map of the Canyon of Shadows, a natural labyrinth of rocks at the center of which an unknown hero's tomb was built long ago.

It is a place of great archaeological interest and a topic of theological dispute. The effigy of the fallen one resembles a winged warrior of light but the only altar to be found within the tomb is an obelisk dedicated to a shadow deity. None has been able to find the connection between them so far.

DM assistant:

The labyrinth-like canyon itself outside can be extended as you choose. The surface of the flat rocks is hot and uncomfortable environment but the paths below that offer shade are quite convenient for any ambush a rival archaeological party could set up at any turn.

The main entrance to the tomb rock is on its south side.

The first chamber offers a few benches and a natural pool of water for weary adventurers to take a bath and refresh themselves. Urns line the wall. Only you know what's within if anything at all.

A door to the left leads to a corridor, connected to four chambers altogether, this one, a sleeping area to the north, as well as to the second and third main chambers.

The second main chamber is the largest one. There's an entrance coming from the previous chamber, as well as one from the corridor. In the back and to the north-east, there's an exit leading forward. The middle is dominated by a black obelisk which is lit by sunbeams coming from a crack in the ceiling. The ceiling itself is higher in the middle of the chamber and it accommodates the obelisk with some space remaining above. There are four sets of three shallow steps on each of the four sides of the shadow deity altar (the obelisk). You can choose to make any kinds of inscriptions upon its black surface. You can decide on the material from which it was built, etc. Eight columns support the ceiling at its lower areas.

Four columns support the ceiling of the next chamber. The one with the statue. Its color and material are up to you. It depicts a humanoid of male gender with his sword hand lifted above his head, holding the weapon in a triumphant gesture. The body is naked from the waist up. Feathered wings sprout from the shoulder blades. It is placed in the middle of a fountain. The smooth surface offers a perfect view of the empty bottom. No mold or any underwater vegetation can be seen there. It looks perfectly clean. Actually, this is an illusion. Valuable objects and/or coin of your choice are hidden below the surface by an illusion spell. Also, the liquid is actually a mild acid that wouldn't instantly kill but it will burn flesh (or wood, but not stone or metal). The floor around the fountain is loose and there's a pit below. There could be scorpions or just a rocky bottom...or anything. It can support some weight but heavy characters could break the floor there. It can also be broken by lifting an object lying at the bottom of the fountain so that liquid would pour down through tiny slits. As a hint of the floor that is not safe, a path of stepping stones is set around it and at a distance that would allow most folks with good sight to observe the statue and the fountain.

The last chamber can be accessed only from the chamber with the fountain. It contains a sarcophagus and a few urns line its wall. Other possible traps and the contains of anything in here is up to you.

Good luck and have fun!

This was made for the MapMelee challenge

Thanks for coming with me! Peace!



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Lovely map! Zooming in to study it more closely. 🌼

And btw - WOW I didn't know there is a worldbuilding community! I should subscribe (and maybe even take part).

Resteemed!! (:

It's a new one. And of course, you're most welcome.

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