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Again It Will Be


Yes, indeed Christmas Eve.

And what would Christmas be without a beautiful tree and the house nicely decorated with all kinds of other Christmas knickknacks?

I agree, BUT ... The sale of all those goods starts earlier and earlier,

Soon, it'll be hardly worth to store it all till next year!
And we might better even leave it like it is.

Anyway, the wife, who is a real Christmas "addict", wanted to have some new stuff for this year. Some new "ambiance" she called it.
But being on night shift for a week, she asked me to take care of that, YESTERDAY, LATE in the afternoon. Then she herself would take care of decorating the place during coming week.

'And don't forget a tree'.
'But, not one as big as last year's please honey'
'There's 350 Euro on the kitchen table, that should be enough.
'And afterwards ...treat yourself on a nice beer in the pub.

To make a long story short:

I just got home,


but ain't it a beauty?

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eenvoud is vaak mooi en moeilijk echt knap als je dat nivo kan berijken lol
groetjes Loonatic

"Geluk" schuilt soms in de eenvoud. Proost.

Lol.... You must be kidding me. Nice little Christmas tree there though.... Just wonder what her reaction would like hahaha 😮

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Well, she wasn't exactly thrilled about it, so to make up, I arranged another tree for her.


I was expecting a decent pub picture, chicks dancing on the tables or maybe even a freshly poured glass.... So much for that!

With most of my posts you should always be prepared for the "unexpected".

Nice to be met, @smasssh. Jlsplatts told me to give you a peak. I’m at the point now where I pretty much need to start tagging #satire under every.single.thing I say anymore. He told me you might be different.

I really need to stop believing what I read online. See?! See what I mean?? Danget—I should probably refer to the above tag now. Which officially makes this two references in the same article and I’m not typically redundant.

And I’m not typically redundant.

Hahaha, the right priorities have to be set. After all during these darkened days alcohol makes things look so much brighter. 🍻🤪

The tree brought back to its essence. 😁👌

Minimalistic is so underrated these days. Just set up ours... It was supposed to be simplistic and colorful.

Mission accomplished!


You did a hell of a job as well, no doubt about that.
It really shows when real men roll up their sleeves.

But watching this effort of yours, all of a sudden I realise I forgot something important: lights, dammit!

Back to the pub ... euhhhh, I mean Garden centre.

Yes, lights are most important! People wont even notice the rest is missing. 😁

And it is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. So to get into the spirit it could help to get some spirit out off a few bottles of beer.

Cheers, may the force be with!

Small is the new big....hehehehe


haha :D

Money well spent sir! You don't want the tree to occupy space that could be filled with a beer belly!

Thanks man.
Indeed, And hardly any pine needles.
Besides that, it's always nice to watch the Mother-in-Law getting filled with rage and going bonkers.

Thanks for the mention mate. :-)

Hèhè, my pleasure :-)

Yeah pines are annoying and I think mine, if I even bother, will look a bit like yours :)

Tbh, most time around Christmas I'll make sure I'm out of the country to avoid all the obligated affairs (parents etc), so either in Sweden with my son or somewhere with snow where I can ski.

Sounds like a plan. I don't have to do that this year as it's everyone else who's buggered off somewhere!

There's those 3 pubs/bars that I noticed in one of your recent posts. I'm sure they will be glad to let you in to sing some Christmas songs with them.
If not you might find comfort in this compassionate liquid tree ...


Fine looking tree as well. Yeah I’ll find something to do, friends have that pub out of town and I think that could be the best bet. If not then I’ll have a wander around and see if I can find some buddies for the day.

Awwwwwwww that's a lovely woman for a wife believe me, whenever I think of marriage, the women here scares me. That's the smallest Christmas tree 🌲 I've seen lol hahaha, but it's cute though

'That's the smallest Christmas tree 🌲 I've seen lol hahaha, but it's cute though'

They said that if we water it every 2 hours it might still grow a bit ... :-)

They say talking (or maybe even hugging in this case) might do miracles for growth also.

Hahaha well I guess the smaller the better, seems Christmas will come with a lot of beer

You could be right about that last part indeed.

Omg smasssh 😂 I suppose youre joking....thats like a mini dwarf tree....well what do they say? The best gifts come in tiny packages. Lol.

Christmas eve here can be annoying with a lot of traffic in the afternoon as people are doing last minute Christmas shopping....but night outs are usually more fun when theres a lot of alcohol..

A mini dwarf tree?
Yeah, now that you mention it. It was indeed bigger when I bought it.

Could it be that I have misheard the taxidriver, who brought me home this morning?

Getting out of the taxi I didn't understand at all what he was talking about when I heard him saying that strange line: 'hey mister, don't forget you're free, that's six south of the drunk'.
Thinking back now, he must have said: 'hey mister, don't forget your tree that sticks out of the trunk.

Dammit, 3/4 of that tree must be still in the trunk of that taxi.


hey mister, don't forget you're free, that's six south of the drunk'

Jeez!!! How is it that you even heard it like that??😂....look into my eyes, how many bottles did you have before taking the taxi? Lol

Dammit, 3/4 of that tree must be still in the trunk of that taxi

Lmao, thought as much..

Money well spent :0D

Beyond doubt. But I guess my Christmas present will not have the size of that tree ...

It don't have to be massive to be good!! Wait, are we talking about Christmas trees!?

Which Christmas trees? :-)
Thought it was about Beer.

Exactly! :0)

Lol..I was expecting to see a hoard of empty beer bottles after the tree photo! You're definitely right about it getting earlier and earlier but I wouldn't mind seeing the Christmas lights on the houses all year. It brightens the world up a little ( I think). 🎄 😁

'was expecting to see a hoard of empty beer bottles after the tree photo'

If I would have done that, I think I could have packed my bags for good.

Haha, that’s a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Wow you went all out.. You can almost see the tree under the star...

Under the star?
Dammit, think I've put it upside-down. :-)

There you go that should make everyone happy :-)

Ow yes, she asked for a little tree and there she got one!

PS I dont loe christmas that much but I do love tree so if you are looking for me next week, I will in the swiss woods chopping down some for in my house hheheheh

Don't know if you're still allowed to vote (government), but reading this it won't be for 'Groen Links', at least that's what I hope ...

honestly....when i reach holland next week month I really have to do some digging what is even happening in the politics. Last visit during the algemene beschouwingen I saw only faces which I have never seen before.

Reintegrating they will call it ;)
(with cheese and drop)

No stroopwafels anymore?

Is it possible to have some explanation about your downvote? Did my post offend you? There is talk of a school trip does not seem offensive!

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got a tree today and saved for beer, hoe is het smasssh je bent erg druk denk ik want je bent er zo weinig

Ben er wel iedere dag hoor.
Maar, even los van een paar slopende weken qua werk achter de rug hebbende, ontbreekt me momenteel gewoonweg de animo om lollig proberen te zijn. En ik plaats alleen iets, als ik er zelf ook om kan lachen of als ik echt iets te melden heb.
Mag nog niet eens klagen over gebrek aan comments op m'n posts, anderen hebben daar meer reden toe.
Die lage Steemprijs boeit me eerlijk gezegd nog het minste.
Maar het gemak waar sommigen hier met een flutpost en zonder enige zinnige comments wel hoge rewards (nagenoeg alles door autovote) krijgen, ergert me nog het meeste. Engagement, yeah my ass!

Zo, dominee Smasssh heeft gesproken.
Goed weekend nog, greetzzz.

Neee daar ben ik het helemaal mee eens Dominee S op deze zondagmorgen. Ik erger me aan dat downvote gedoe, prima la je mijn gelul niet leuk vind maar zeg dat dan ook en als dan blijkt dat je zelf een rep17 bent en voor het laatst iets geplaatst hebt 3 maanden terug ...... tja ach tot snel het is wel weer tijd voor een paar tieten

Ja, nu je het zegt. Moet m'n mobiel weer eens opschonen, Tieten puilen er zowat uit.

Later deze week misschien een postje. Vanaf a.s. woensdag weer een dag of 10 naar Zweden, ff bijkomen.

Ohhh lekker, en sneeuw zat daar nu dat hoort bij een echte winter. Doe de groeten aan de kerstman