Once upon a time ...

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many many years (and roughly 10 kilos) ago, I played soccer for about 18 years.

I must have been 7 years of age when I started. At the age of 24, while playing a match, I had a serious knee injury. A complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligaments in my right knee.

Surgery was needed. Nowadays an injury like this is done with laparoscopy (aka keyhole surgery). But back then they really had to open the knee to do their repairwork.

Anyway, after the operation 6 weeks in a cast and walking with crutches, followed by some 3 months of physio-therapy and extra training, I slowly regained my strength in that right leg.

I went on to play another year. But with in mind the "warning" of the surgeon that, although the knee was well healed, 'it is better to always be cautious when playing soccer again': that's not me!
In a game it's Do, or Die. I exaggerate a bit with 'Die" maybe, but I think you can understand.
If you have always played at a reasonable high level and go "to the edge", it's almost impossible to play "with the brakes on".

At least, I couldn't. So after some 9 months I decided to quit.

The reason I tell you this all? There isn't any in fact.

I actually just wanted to share the picture below. It was sent to me yesterday by one of my team-mates with who I recently have got in contact with again via Fakebook.
I knew of the existance of the picture, because I have had it myself.
But because of the many times I have moved to different places over the years, it got lost I think.
So it was a nice surprise the other day when he said he still had the picture and would send me a copy.

voetbalA1 001B.jpg

Anyway, I (we) must have been 17 or 18 years of age here.
But with a sharp eye at my profile picture (here below), you might find out who is @smasssh.

Hear you, take care, cheers!




Orange armband for el capitano?

Aha, the first with a sharp eye has arrived.

Frustrating that an injury ended your career. Still, there's always darts and snooker :)

Right! And in stead of only after the match, at least with those games you can even drink a beer while playing ...

Yeah, even the pros were at it when I was younger. Top stuff!

I took a good look at your profile pic and was going to say that one myself!

Ooowoowoo, those good old days; still young and impressionable, hahaha.

Hahahaha....I'm not laughing at the injury, I'm laughing at the picture, its kind of hard to tell which is you, lol, plus you all have funny hair...


Is that you marked with red marker? Or the one with orange captain band as abh has said?

Funny hair? hahaha. It was ridiculous, lol.

abh was right indeed.

ooh niiice...hihi captain!!!

I'd say either the captain or bottom left. Didn't know you used to play football mate.Nice!

The funny thing is the guy bottom left is the one who has sent me the picture. I'm indeed the captain.

It's sad to hear that you had an operation and an injury. but I feel the atmosphere of nostalgia in the photo, thanks for sharing. so which one are you the person with the orange armband.

That's me indeed.
Funny that you mention that word nostalgia, I got the same feeling when I received the pic yesterday.


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happy and delighted past.!!!!!!!!!! nostalgic.

Hard to tell.. Not in the first row..