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Say what Smasssh?


What do you mean man?

Well, garlic. G.A.R.L.I.C. Just garlic.


Euh ... can you be a little bit more specific?

Preferably one clove every hour.

You're losing me here mate.

But at least 5 cloves a day.

I guess you mean eating?


Ok, but why? Good taste in a dish, health?

Corona virus.

You mean that eating garlic can kill the Corona virus?

No, it doesn't do shit for you, nothing at all.
but at least it keeps everone at a safe distance ...




i might try that to keep other Feckers away from me


knoflook is ook echt lekker ik had een oom de kok was en die zij altijd met knoflook kan je een baksteen lekker maken thanks for de tip lol

Toch eens proberen. En dan 2 minuten bakken aan beide zijden?

denk 3 min minimaal haha

Hahaha, that sure would do the trick. 😄

Roast the garlic, it tastes way better - although wont keep people as far away.

Coming up to 3000 deaths now.... Is it time to buy a mask yet?

'Is it time to buy a mask yet?'

Dammit, didn't you read this post, hahaha.

Storm in a teacup if you ask me. The "normal" flu is far more contagious and "kills" more people EVERY year than this stupid hyped virus.

Dammit, didn't you read this post

Sorry, I was sneezing and may have missed a few words :D

Flu does a pretty good job each year for sure, but this one seems to not care about the local temperature and could go on for a while. Gonna make my mask out of garlic.

'Gonna make my mask out of garlic.'

That could be a smasssh hit indeed.
We haven't even one victim here (yet) and already the stores can't handle the demand for masks anymore. Crazy!

Always good to be prepared!


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Damn right!

Tho that thing is spreading around like hell...

Do you know how fast the "normal" flu spreads around? Am not saying it doesn't exist, but this hype is getting totally out of order if you ask me.

I was blown away before you could even complete the word inside my head.... Lol


hahaha. nice gif.

Or it can be a nice hat to wear whilst the world burns!!!

Or when the Mum's are ok with that their Wizard's Sleeve ...

Thats when the world burns!!!!!

Garlic is a lot of useful and strengthen immunity.


Cheers to that!

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