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from now on only Trust Your Own Judgement(s).

Because when,

on a Friday, late in the afternoon,

you see a cow


climbing up a tree

in front of your work car ...

You're either


Or you sorely need it to be


Cheers and have a great ONE suckerzzz.

Btw, this is the first post I do with Steem Leo, thanks to the virtually unsurpassed @mindtrap. Bravo mate, especially for your ongoing enthusiasm and positive attitude.

sources: first image unknown; received on my Iphone,
second one; made with that same Iphone



photos that look really funny. even though the steem is still very low, I will continue to climb it. I still believe steem will increase in the future.

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A cow climbing a tree - is there a bull market near by?

#steemleo! :D

Exactly my thoughts when I saw this yesterday. At least it's going UP ... Even Steem does better than BTC right now.

The cow is doing better than STEEM and BTC. To the moooooooooooo-n? :)

Hahaha, awesome wordplay.

Lol a cow going up a tree? Hahaha must've smoked something harmful to the brain hahaha. You mean this is your first time using the steemleo interface?

Yep, first time steemleo interface.
Could also be that the cow was on a "trip". While grazing accidentally swallowed perhaps some "mind-expanding" mushrooms.

It's a sign that's what it is. Not sure what but it's a sign!


Thank God I didn't read that. I would never read a private sign!

That better not be our bull, because this fall will be epic...

Well, if it is a bull it must be a transgender, aka a Shebull. Look at that udders man, hahaha.

'Look at that udders man'

Close to Nsfw here if you ask me ...

Hi @smasssh, something terrible happened to me last week, I mistakenly sent 100$ worth of steem to a wrong account...


I was going to pay back a loan I obtained from neoxian who runs a private loan service on the blockchain, but I sent the money to the wrong account. neoxian will begin to power me down in few days if I can't pay up, so I need your help to please bail me out.

I'm hoping to borrow 100$ from you, I can pay back weekly as I earn from my posts.

Can you please rescue me?

Can only send you the amount in Steem.

Is this 674.038 the exact amount to pay your total debt?
Or do you owe more?

I owe a total of 130$, thats 1,139Steem, I have 126 in my wallet. So i need 1,013 Steem more. This means so much to me, thank you smasssh.

I don't like that number 13 at the end so I make that a total sum of 1020.

Here we say: 'I trust you on your blue eyes', but because of the sunglasses you're wearing I can't verify that. ;-)

Pay of your debt right away man. And continue to make good posts.
Trust you'll pay me back the coming months.

Just transferred 1020 Steem; should be in your wallet right now.
Good luck.

Thank you sooooooooooooo much @smasssh thank you soooooooooo much! Trust I will pay you back. Thank you

No problem. Just saw the transfer you made to pay off your debt.
Take a deep breath and walk on.

Have a great weekend.

Have a great weekend too my man!

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