Today's Post has been Postponed Until Further Notice

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Good afternoon or whatever; evening.  Whatever time it is, that doesn't matter, since I'll be putting in a request for you to pretend I've provided the most fitting greeting for you and your current circumstance, later.

I have terrible news today.

I'll explain a little more after this thumbnail image which I did not screw up.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Thumnail.png

There will be no post today.

"And that's the news.  Thanks for tuning in."

Though I've tried my best to publish in a timely manner, I'm afraid meeting the deadline today simply will not be possible.

Currently it is already three in the morning and I'm just getting started, but now I feel like sleeping, though I just woke up.

There's no way I'll be able to finish this post by today...

Unsure what even comes next; forgot to make a plan first.

I have several good reasons and even a few excuses as to why I'm here in this condition, unable to complete a post.  Should I be writing those, or should I be writing the post?

This is so hard.

Earlier today when I tried to write a post, I didn't write a post.  Has that ever happened to you?

Similar to how one might stand up to get something, walk to the cupboard, open the cupboard, then forget why they're standing there, yet still stand there, hoping whatever it was, comes back to mind.

Why am I here?

There's a laptop.  It's on.  I have fingers.  Keys.  They work, I think: snaginanehs


But no post.

How does one even write a post at a time like this anyway?

One needs to be mentally prepared; I'm neither mental, nor prepared.

Everyone's staring at me, probably.  Poking me with a stick if they have sticks.  Can feel it just thinking about it.  Feels sticky.

I'm sure at least three people are furious right now; maybe even four but no more than ten may require medication after this.

Do you even know how hard it is to calm those people down when they come to see a post and there isn't one?


This is going to be a nightmare.

It'll be worse than that one dream I still remember from childhood.

Oompa Loompas were emerging from some kind of cellar in the middle of town.  Everyone was freaking out and didn't know what to do.  So, I walked up to the damn thing thinking I could save the town; instead I got pulled inside their lair.  They then started chewing on me while singing that stupid Oompa Loompa song which had baited me into thinking they were good, as I was busy finding out the hard way, how wrong I was.  Finally, I woke up; called for my parents.  Could hear them coming.  Door opens.  More Oompa Loompas!

Then I really woke up.

Charlie, the entire chocolate factory, that douchebag Wonka, and everyone else there; they can kiss my ass.  Ruined my childhood.

People of short stature; they scared the shit out of me every time I saw one up until about the age of six.

Right in the middle of the store, happened once, I remember it, total meltdown, "Don't eat me!"

Imagine your kids doing that.  Would probably want to leave them at home.  Not my parents though; nope.  They'd take me anywhere just to torture me.
(Disclaimer: That was a joke.  They didn't actually torture me.)

Eventually, like most people, I grew up and grew out of being irrationally afraid of the things I could not process and comprehend thoroughly.

Learned to respect those with dwarfism like you would anyone else that deserves it.  People are people.  It's as simple as that.

Still hate Oompa Loompas though.

Confident I can't be "cancelled" for hating fictional movie characters because they tried to kill me in a dream.

Also not the type into "cancelling" anyone for being creative either, so I see no need to demand to speak to the manager or attempt to shutdown an entire platform due to being afraid of my own interpretation of things I do not understand, as if I'm some kind of a dog being startled by my own reflection.

Who the fuck would want to be that guy...

Our oldest stories were painted on cave walls and chipped into stone, by creatives, using tools and procedures invented by, creatives.  They're needed but have grown accustomed to being ridiculed for offering new ideas.

Nearly all the finer details of how things came to be were lost though.

Lost but at least now we have blockchain and a chance at a fresh start to lock in new ideas, hopefully forever, like the people before us so wisely tried to accomplish.

In 2000 years people will know what you ate today and how it was prepared, provided they haven't melted all these devices down into the blades used to kill one another for, thinking wrong.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Side Ways.png

Now if I could just create a post...

Having a good idea for a post is a requirement for any post.  Maybe I can write the one about "How to Hive," for future generations, so they can be smart like us.

~Clears throat~

Hive is decentralized and your success depends on you, and only you, regardless of what you plan to achieve.  Nobody else is responsible, especially not Hive, since Hive is just a blockchain and isn't coded to hold your hand and care about your feelings.

Who the hell would want to hear that though...

A hockey player can't be successful without a rink, puck, skates, and a stick.  It's not the rink, puck, skates, and stick, making the good plays or scoring the goals.

And that's the thing about freedom.  It seems humanity was somehow misprogrammed into believing freedom means everything gets done for you, while you're free to just kick back and reap the rewards.

If you were on an large island with some others, living on your own without any outside interference, and you don't get up off your ass to gather food in order to have something to cook, maybe you're free, but you're also dead.

If someone comes along, wants to be lazy and act nefariously in order to take your food; they're dead too, or at least, feeling sore.  Fortunately those types can't feel sorry so they'll carry on down that same path, continuously making the same mistakes, while calling everyone else insane, as they slowly but surely eliminate their own genes from the pool.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Fukiducky.png

The decentralized nature of Hive offers freedom.  More than what seemingly many people can even fathom in this day and age.  People unaccustomed to personal freedom and accountability still want to blame someone or something else when things don't go right for them.  Feeling entitled to what everyone else has without putting in the time, effort, and/or resources.  Thinking it's unfair, yet everyone's on the same playing field, with equal opportunity, and the same set of challenges.

Come to think of it, if I was writing a post right now, that might actually be a good subject to get into rather than being lazy and talking about Hive.

Funny how it just occurred to me success is always decentralized no matter where someone is or what they're attempting to accomplish.

True success.  Not the fake success people boast about when they're thinking of themselves a little too highly.

Centralized success doesn't work; can't happen.  It's unnatural.

True success depends on the one striving for excellence, their environment which is beyond their control, and how they're received, which is also beyond their control.

For instance, one could build the coolest, trendiest game in the world, but if they're greedy and send out phony corporate too big to fail asshole vibes, most might turn their back on them, while they're down a few million trying to recoup those losses by forcing more crap on people; spirals out of control.  Maybe at one point they experienced success, but that does not make one permanently successful by default.

Could also take a risk and build the weirdest game in the world which on the surface looks ridiculous, with no plans of making it big, but for some reason, beyond your control, people start enjoying it and spreading the word.  Confidence rises and all one wants to do is improve, for them, after what they did, for you.  Success builds upon itself, naturally, and rubs off on people.

Can't force it; just happens.

Still, it is impossible to find success without first doing something and doing it well, honestly, then throwing it out into the environment; receiving a genuinely positive response by chance.  Nobody can control that response.  Nobody.

Success is decentralized, naturally.  As soon as one becomes arrogant, lazy, tries to cut corners or cheat, attempting to interfere, that becomes a single potential point of failure for themselves or, centralized.

Success cannot be controlled.  One can try and things might go well on the surface, for awhile even, but eventually the successful mirage dissipates into the unsuccessful reality destiny called for; that individual or group is then in a position that's far worse than the starting point.

All because they tried to be masters of their own universe, by taking it for granted, and taking advantage of others.

Those laws are seemingly coded into the universe and come standard with everything.  Maybe the charlatan can trick a few but they can't keep the secret from themselves so therefore, the universe knows; eventually triggering the collapse.  Seeing that happen a lot, especially in crypto, and especially this year.  It's inevitable.  If one is guaranteeing success, flaunting superficial wins and boasting, they are most likely full of shit and doomed to fail.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Goinontony.png


What have we learned?

Those Oompa Loompas were trying to tell me something that night.

Want to be free and successful?  Don't fuck around.

I'm glad I spent some time thinking about that rather than writing a post.  If you came here expecting to read something or see something, I apologize.  I'll work much harder when I do actually get around to publishing something.  You can count on that.

I did manage to get some art finished.  It's all new.  Nothing special.  Just something I wanted to do.  I'll show it off later as well so when you feel like looking, you might see it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice day.

Art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png

"I suspect it'll be quiet here today, but that's what I get for not posting."

© 2022 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


I am late writing my post every single day.

And I don't like them oompah loompah's much either. The original ones that is, from the original movie and not the one where Johnny Depp tries to channel his inner Michael Jackson

Yeah. I hope I get around to publishing this someday.

I haven't seen the Depp version. Afraid it might cause me to go into convulsions and that's not something I need right now. Maybe tomorrow.

Publishing something would be cool! Let's try and write a post!

Do not ever watch it. You should the whole thing staring at him wondering what he trying to do by seeking so off-kilter and creepy

If I was to write a post, it would be about posting posts, and how. That way more people can too, and then some.

Depp in Fear and Loathing was solid. Can't even think of a reason to watch Depp as Wonka.

He can be good in many a role. I expected a quirky good performance even if the film world be no match for the original but eek.

And if I were to post it would be on how to not post just because you need to satisfy the daily gimme gimme gimme haha

Ah yes, thee ole throw shit at the wall and hope it sticks approach to failing. Don't forget to mention the stench!

Better add the just being facetious disclaimer...

I'm really glad you didn't write that post today 👍

So am I! I'd be so exhausted if I did because I had plans of putting a lot of elbow grease into it until I changed my mind and did nothing instead.


It must have been exhausting just thinking about writing it and all that grease and all.

I hope you get some down time in case you don't write a post tomorrow or whenever

Don't burn out please.

Want to be free and successful? Don't fuck around.

I need this reminder constantly. There's plenty of stuff going on and stuff I want to go on but couldn't get to it because other stuff that are also important get in the way. Success, the organic kind is the tough kind but those who make it earned it with a record to show. Seen some creators off different platforms start small, weren't great, but they love what they do and were consistent until I check a few years later and see they have grown so much on the platform.

While it's not my success, I couldn't help but feel happy for others that followed through what they want to do. So glad the blockchain gives a receipt to those that keep on building themselves for the better.

I'm certain everyone needs that from time to time. I know I do. Along with longer days. That would help. Lowering the bar; recognizing the fact one doesn't need to be the best also builds confidence and you need that to grow. Growth is important. Others can see it but a lot of the time those striving for success forget to look.

This blockchain social stuff will be studied for years. Plenty of fascinating stories. Plenty building themselves up but there's also a record of people breaking themselves down. That's exists naturally in life of course but it's not something you see every day from start to finish. I'd describe it as pushing to succeed at failing. I haven't seen that anywhere else online.

Congrats on finishing and posting some new art. Sounds like you might be in the mood once again. I am imagining that the Oompa Loompas in the dream had the faces of Devil Guy and Duck Dude up there - Oompa Loompas with their weird striped tights and everything, but with those faces on. Yep, that would escalate things a bit.

Poor Drippy Face man. All those other faces inside his face do seem to be pulling him in different directions. I trust he will make up his own mind soon though.

I too embrace a bit of a it-is-out-of-my-control-but-just-be-the-best-you-can-be philosophy. I do believe in magnetism. Like finds like and good work gets you somewhere, maybe not anywhere fancy, but somewhere decent.

It is coming closer to being in that mood.

Fortunately no, the Oompa Loompas looked like Oompa Loompas. The art is just there because I needed a place to put it. Fukiducky was just another doodle that went too far. Goinontony isn't a devil. Maybe a human-cat-thing. I think he's just embarrassed after hearing something that doesn't quite fit in with what he sees. Some internal conflict and denial in the smile. Had some fiction in mind for that piece but I scrapped it.

And I agree. It's a good way to be. Eliminates a lot of the feelings of disappointment when things don't quite go your way. Heightens the reward feeling when things do go your way. Gives one an opportunity to enjoy what they're doing a little more as things progress. Get to celebrate the small wins without a fancy party. It's more personal, genuine, motivating. Surprise gifts are always cool. And so are the people that offer them.

I believe there have been a fair amount of cats that have showed up in your art. You must have a cat rubbing around your legs now and then when you are at your computer.

Surprise gifts are always cool. And so are the people that offer them.


Yes but they're more catlike than cat. And my old cat that's no longer with us used to make cameo appearances quite often, for shits and giggles. Have a cat now, yes. They're fun to have around.

Oh. well... I left you an up-vote anyway...😏

I won't open it until Christmas. Don't worry.

Open before Christmas... It might be perishable...!?!?!?!?!?

Are you putting butter on your votes again? I thought we talked about this...



They were a lot creepier, back in the day.

That's what tried to kill me. Don't let those jazz hands or whatever fool you.

yeah, those are pure evil!

We're all gonna die!

as long they not work together with the cows that come from hell, we are fine I think.

But who knows?

Fukiducky will protect us.


I think we confuse success with acclaim and validation btw

And there's the rub

The world is all mixed up. That or I'm all mixed up...

It's not you and it never was 👍

Too many people are wondering the same thing so...

What a fucking awful dream. I can imagine how horrific that would be for a kid...I'm an adult and even I don't like the sound of it. I like the new art and the post that we won't call a post.

I hope you get your sleep patterns back in order 🦋

I still remember it. Maybe my first vivid nightmare. Not sure but it never left my mind. Can still remember the commotion it caused in the house as well.

I don't have sleep patterns. Unless you're talking about zigzags.

lol @ zigzags. I feel like that sometimes too 😁

I'm sorry, it must have been a terrible night. Let's hope it doesn't come back to haunt you now.

Nah. Look closely. Turned my oldest negative into a positive and put smiles on faces in the process, all while not even publishing a post.

I'll sleep when I'm dead. This is fun.

Quite long for not-a-post. !PIZZA?

I find it difficult to explain things.

I'll never look at Oompa Loompas the same again 😂 The duck you made looks like he just woke up from a similar dream 😲

Who is the smiling red guy???

Thanks for the art, and the Oompa Loompa revelation!

Fukiducky camouflages well. Especially when you notice it's a tree.

Goinontony is Goinontony. Look closely and you'll see two faces sucking his eyes out and someone in the middle pushing them away. Other than that it's just another character I made to add to my cast of characters. They'll get used someday for other projects.

They would be excellent illustrations for a parallel world type adventure :) ...

I agree. And it's all meant to be entertainment. That parallel world would have a lot of historical references from this world. Look close enough at some my work and compare it to what's seen on ancient ruins all over the world; might start noticing some similarities.

That sounds fascinating, sort of like the hunt on National Treasure :) ...

... on mushrooms.

You had a Libertarian dream about Oompa Loompas as a child! I think that is the best topic ever in any post. The political dreamer.


What's a Libertarian?

It's a fancy English word that I have learned lately. Here in Denmark we say liberal, which mean a far-right person trying to privatize everything from the queen to the kindergartens.

I could not give a fuck less about anything politics. I mean, I see it, everywhere. Makes me feel like I'm living in a simulation and I become bored knowing what people are thinking and about to say. The world needs more lines in the script. So bored with it all.

Yes, I avoid it on the internet too, and mostly in the real world, but it seemed that the umpa Loomios had given you some sort of CNN morning show peeptalk.

Maybe they're the reason I can't stand the shit. They look the same, sing the same songs, Trump is orange... lol wtf.

Amen. That dream cured you.

Just realised that I didn't follow you, but always see your posts... Hmmm.

Edti: Aha! You were in my peakd inner circle list which somehow doesn't need a follow!?

You're on the first people I followed back in 2016. Did you know that?

I suppose I know - You are one of the first I remember following, but I was maybe a few month ahead of you. Back then I always said your name as "Noname's left House," due to a misreading.

Plenty of people get my name wrong. That's a common error. The tt looks like an H yet nothing like an h.

You joined eleven days before me. Been a wild ride.

You joined eleven days before me. Been a wild ride.

Ha, it can be checked of course. and yes, a wild and fun ride indeed.

I like what you did there. 😃

What are you talking about? I didn't do anything...


You've actually done me a favour as I didn't have time to read what wasn't there, even though it was full of common sense that is always missing from humanity anyway.

I hope everyone else doesn't read the missing post, I'd hate to think others were missing out on something missing.

I hope you're well and please try to post more posts that aren't posts. We are so short of nothing to read on Hive these days.

Best wishes Mr Use, unless you changed your preferred pronouns since the last time I didn't read you.

PS. Do you have a French cousin called @nonameslefttoulouse?

As they so commonly say to the point of it being annoying now, "Common sense isn't too common these days."

Maybe I will publish a post someday. It does seem somewhat quiet and empty around here.

And you can call me Mr Himself. lol That's an old character I use to be when writing educational spoofs/skits. Just call me whatever. Names are overrated anyway.

Et non, je n'ai pas de cousins français.

Down on Oompa Loompas, huh? That's a little shortsighted 😏 I'll be back later...when you finally post the post

LOL. Nasty critters they is.

I'll be sure to let you know when I'm finished. It's taking forever...

Time is man made, to control the population. Goodday/night/week/month

What time is it? It's time.

~nods confidently~


So long no writing here, I’ve been trying to catch up on your posts but There was so much in them and I was so busy that I ended up not commenting (actually once I had a problem with hive keychain that isn’t really solved but I found ways to use it again)
What a causality that I ended up stopping buy on your non-post day.
Lovely to read you as always, have a good one!

I think this was my 30th post in two years; don't have much time for this these days and it's hard to get back into a routine. Everything is postponed it seems.

Good to see you're still around trying to enjoy the place.

Yeah I can relate. Plus your posts give a lot of food for the brain, I guess they need time to be created as the same time (for me) to be integrated.
Yeah I'm enjoying this, as well as I'm finding it quite hard to keep it up with all this online stuff 🤯

Brilliant @nonameslefttouse 😎🤩 truly… love it how you created this. Whatever time it was… and in whatever state.
Thanks 😊 enjoy your weekend!
Good to hear you created more new things 🤓

Yeah. It's hard to trick you folks. There really was a post. I'll admit it now... lol

Thanks for stopping in.

There surely was @nonameslefttouse 😉😎
You are welcome, anytime!
Enjoy your day further 👋🏻

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An interesting random read for the day.


Your post was a random read for me. A catchy title and then a trip down a path with small people.

I know. I'm just joking.

There will be no yesterday tomorrow

There's always a yesterday, tomorrow, when tomorrow becomes today.

Tomorrow comes today not yesterday

I'm aware.

It was really fun to read the questions and answers. Every day we need to add something new to our lives.

I'm about to add a new cup of coffee.

Good post 👍

Good comment 👍

I think, you always take useful decision.

All the best.

I took a useful decision about an hour ago.


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Fuckiducky is staring into my soul...I think I got sucked in his eyes and spit out Toni's wide oompa mouth XD

Some serious texture to these, I can feel the static due or ducky and the smoothness of Toni :)

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Thank you!

Dear @nonameslefttouse,
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You can support the new proposal (#248) on Peakd, Ecency, or using HiveSigner.

Thank you!

Yoh Bud!!! Is a man still breathing!

Hope you're doing well and that the art creation is thriving

I see you baby.

Shakin that ass. Shakin that ass