Just a Riddle ...

in #irony2 years ago

Saturdaynight, here where I live.
And as usual at weekends:
less posting and less engagement.

This will be my 2nd post of 2020.
Not a long one.
At least not as long as my previous one.
Don't like em too long.

For today, as you can read above
a riddle, not too difficult.
Just a riddle.

Wait Smasssh, isn't that for kids?
No people, not this one.
This is for adults only.

So, ready?
Here we go.

What's the MAIN difference between this man ...


And this man?



Haven't got a clue huh?

Speaking of clues, there's one in that second pic.

Still no clue huh?

That second man is REALLY capable of

making a Happy Meal cry.


No further comment.

sources: imnotlovinit.co.uk & biography.com



One is clown and the other is a comedian.

One (nr2) is both, and a very bad one.

And a dangerous fucker as well...way more dangerous than the former...because of his stupidity

A lunatic it is.
Had good hopes when he started, but the longer he sits in that White House the more he does the same things (some even worse) than he accused former presidents of.

it's a great pity I am not aware of political life so much to understand the sense.:(

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