"festival" a fifty-word story written using the Freewrite prompt. Humpbuckle Tales 25

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The town festival is held on the last Saturday of November.

Congregating on the old dock to drink, and make merry, the whole town 'oohs and ahhs' in delight, as colourful fireworks explode above their heads.

At the stroke of midnight revelers take to the ocean.

Drownings are surprisingly rare.


I wrote this fifty-word story using @mariannewest's @freewritehouse Freewrite Writing prompt "festival"

This is the 25th 50-word story in the Humpbuckle Tales series.

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Thanks for this beautiful opportunity to create an artificial world for our audience. Here is mine story too https://ecency.com/hive-161155/@alovely088/the-traditional-marriage
Happy reading. Thanks

GOOD NEWS (for me with the glacially slow internet): I can read your stories at a website. phew But I didn't SEE the URL, I heard.... what was it... humpbacktales.com? ..... I've been tweeting and sharing links to your series. Love the fireplace, the guitar, the narrator, the everything! But just when I think this lovable Brit has a Mr. Rogers vibe with his entry into a room to tell us a story, we get these dark tales of the jealous sister and the lost bike, a suicide/murder.... This is Mr. Rogers with a Dark Side! #Loveit

#humpbuckletales (Not HumpBACK, I knew that! My fingers type what they want, never mind what my brain is telling them to type.)

The website is humpbuckletales.com

It runs behind Hive, though. Only up to episode 14 on there.

Tganks for your kind words and support 😊

A 50-word micro-fiction. This is the first I have heard of it. Hehe, nicely written.

Festivals are for merry making...glad no one drowned. 😄